Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A ramble about Writers block/fatigure


You know what, writers block really sucks. Especially when you are not out of ideas.

This is an unplanned post and is mostly just a ramble. Pretty much all year I have been wanting to get back into making content. Tons of video, article, and new project ideas have been formed in my head, but I just cannot get myself started. It would be easy to blame it on the lack of free time and struggles of adult life, but that cannot be all of it. Even on days off with nothing better to do it's like all I want to do is relax. How frustrating.

I think back to when I was 10 years younger and would devote an entire weekend to editing or organizing content and websites. What was it that drove me so? There is no way it was fame as I only peaked briefly and never made that much money. So, what is left? Did I have a muse back then that I forgot about? 

Some people say the first step is the hardest but there are so many factors behind that. Screw it all, I need to force myself to get on track.

There is a big taboo about YouTube and art where people don't want it to feel like work and stop when it stops being fun. I don't like that. It makes scenes, but me personally I do not care if it feels like a chore or work now because that means things get done. To quote the late Jason David Frank "when I get older I never want to hear myself say "aw I wish I did that or this"". That is exactly how I feel. As little motivated as I feel now, I know future me would regret doing nothing so that is that. Whatever it takes.

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