Wednesday, November 8, 2023

5 Things I Liked in Power Rangers Ninja Steel


Ninja Steel is not a very good incarnation of Power Rangers. The writing reeks of melodrama and plot conveniences, character development favors Brody far too much, and the failed Bulk and Skull wannabes Victor and Monty. But, ranting is easy, I'd rather look at the positives and list 5 things I like about Ninja Steel. (My opinion.) Click "read more".

5. Calvin and Hayley's Relationship

There have been plenty of Ranger couples, but this one I actually like because it feels real. The yellow and white Rangers are already a couple pre-season so we can skip past the will they won't they bit. These two got each others back, Hayley pokes fun at Calvin, and there is some minor bickering and falling outs as real couples do. But, it all feels natural and is never shoved in your face. It may seem odd to put a normal sounding couple on this list, but it is worth acknowledging because it is hard to write real chemistry.

4. Sarah's Inventions

I have always been a sucker for the wacky inventions bit so this is easily a bias pick. One could nit-pick how improbable some of her inventions are and where the resources are coming from, but that honestly does not bother me. Genuinely, I enjoy seeing these inventions that are way to good to be true if for nothing else than the creativity behind coming up with them.

3. Galaxy Warriors

The villains broadcast every monster of the week on their hit tv show Galaxy Warriors. Destroying the Power Rangers and stealing their Power Stars will win the show and crown the monster the champion. There is even a host who often has to take a demonstration of the monsters power. This whole concept is really silly, but I have a blast watching it. Also, it technically explains why they only send 1 monster at a time instead of building an army which is a plot hole in pretty much every season. Now, I can get why some would find this segment annoying, but to each their own.

2. Dimensions in Danger

This one needs very little explanation, an epic crossover with 10 past Rangers from multiple different seasons. It is amazing to see these actors returning and it's especially special since it is he final time Jason David Frank would appear as Tommy Oliver before his retirement from Power Rangers and sadly passes away.

1. Mick Kanic

One may remember this actor, Kelson Henderon, as Boom from SPD, but he has done so much more. Appearing or voicing in over a dozen incarnations of Power Rangers including all but 1 of the Disney Era and continuing on to the Neo Saban/Hasbro eras, this man a true under rated all star of the franchise.
That continues on with his role of the Ranger's shapeshifting mechanic/advisor Mick Kanic. He is the voice of reason without being too preachy, gets laughs with his shapeshifting and facial expressions, and I got to appreciate an actor who can have fun with his role no matter the show they are in. He would revive this character in Dino Fury and Cosmic Fury.

Those were my picks for 5 things I liked in what was a mostly underwhelming incarnation of Power Rangers. Regardless of the negatives, this is not a Ranger team I regretted watching as I have seen worse. With Power Rangers as we know it possibly ending after Cosmic Fury, I cannot help but look at any season, including these 2, with rose tinted glasses. Till next time, this is Cendoo the Ghost Ranger, signing off.

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