Sunday, November 12, 2023

Why I'm Bummed Out At Warner Bros Shelving John Cena's 'Coyote VS Acme' film (UPDATE)


UPDATE 14/11/23

 Looks like the executives at WB have heard everybody's complaints, and seen the public outcry against the film's scrapping decision and have decided to shop the film around to digital distributors, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple, with Amazon Prime being the key target, as test screenings are held for the streaming platforms this week, according to Variety. Let's hope the finished film gets released by the end of the year. Well done, everyone!


It's been another massive blow at Hollywood this week, after a nearly year long Writer's Strike. Thankfully, the writer's strike is over, but one of 2023's most anticipated movies may never see the light of day. It's another movie to be shelved by Warner Bros, and fans aren't happy. Coyote VS Acme would have been the latest 3D Animated / Live Action hybrid Looney Tunes movie. Starring John Cena, and Will Forte, in a courtroom comedy as Wile E Coyote decides to sue Acme for all of the damaging and problematic items he had obtained over the years that failed to catch the Roadrunner. It would have been a fun concept to see as a movie. Originally, it was expected to release in July this year, but was pushed back due to the release of Barbie, which ended up being successful at the box office. Coyote VS Acme was promised to release at a later date. The film had completed production last year, so it was ready to go. Earlier this week, we had the sad announcement that Warner Bros decided to cancel the $70 million film, and instead shelve it for a $30 million tax write off. 

As a life long Looney Tunes fan, who was very much looking forward to seeing this movie, I was devastated. 

This is now the 3rd film the Warner Bros studio - fronted by David Zaslav, who also cancelled 2 other completed movies. 2022's Batgirl, and Scoob 2 - Holiday Haunt. Though I could live without another Superhero film, Scoob 2 Holiday Haunt was devastating as it would have been released at a time where there needed to be more family oriented movies throughout the holiday season. Coyote VS Acme is the next biggest blow, as it would have been perfect to release the film during the December / Christmas Holiday period. The Writer's Strike of 2023 has surely messed up the usual film calendar for the next couple of months, with most potential upcoming holiday blockbusters being pushed back a few months into early 2024, but with Coyote VS Acme completed, it would have been easy to release it.

There has been widespread outcry against the decision to axe this latest Warner Brothers offering, Film composer Steven Price slammed the decision by saying it was "a bizarre act of Anti-Art & studio financial shenanigans" Meanwhile, the director Dave Green is also "beyond devastated". A petition has just been set up by one of the extra actors demanding to release the film, which already has over 7,000 signatures. You can check it out here. Though at this time, Warner Brothers seem to have no interest in shopping the film around to other studios, or streaming it on digital platforms, hopefully the petition can help make our voices heard and share it to the studio and try to get the film un-cancelled.

 In the mean time, all we have to do is wait and see. 

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