Sunday, November 5, 2023

Beastcast 70 - Batman 2022 Review

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  1. I really enjoyed the “artsyness” of The Batman, I thought it was all beautifully shot, but the story and the below room temperature IQ Catwoman weren’t great. Honestly once Catwoman gave her Reddit Mod speech, I mentally checked out until the movie was over. I didn’t find any of the characters interesting. It was too long and slow paced as well, I don’t think I’ll watch any of The Batman sequels.

    The Dark Knight Rises is still my favorite Batman movie

    ….you’re a big guy…..FOOOR YOOU!

    Reading comic books from the 30’s & 40’s sounds awesome, talk about it for sure. I have a collection of the first few Spider-Man comics and a collection of the first few Superman comics which are cool. Not a single Reddit Mod in any of those stories.

    I can’t think of a 60’s TV show off the top of my head, but a couple of months ago I was watching some old Columbo episodes from the 70’s on Peacock. Most of the episodes are really well written, but they run about an hour and a half long each, so it’s hard to marathon through the series. Lieutenant Columbo might be the real “world’s greatest detective”. All of the killers always take Columbo for some high functioning retard, but then he outsmarts them every time.


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