Sunday, November 19, 2023

Beastcast 72 - Superhero Movie Fatigue


  1. To me 2012 was the last year I could really get into superhero movies for the most part. 2012 Gave us Amazing Spider-Man, a decent flick….Avengers 1, nothing wrong with only having just one Avengers movie….and The Dark Knight Rises, as I've mentioned before my favorite Batman movie.

    Superman Returns is really bad other than Kevin Spacey’s performance as Lex Luthor. Wow, how was Kevin Spacey able to pull off playing a murderous psychopath so easily? Just a great actor I suppose.

    As far as the superhero movie fatigue setting in, I am very glad the new Captain Marvel movie bombed big time. That Brie Larson despite being a terrible human being, is also a very bad actress. It really makes you wonder how many miles and miles of producer cock she must have taken over the years to get this far, oy vey! But I think that goes for a lot of tiresome actors, even The Rock and Dave Batista have probably taken a few miles of producer dong. I guess being rich is cool though.

    90’s non Marvel/DC Comics I Remember?

    I hate to steal your answer, but Spawn def stands out. I remember my best friend at the time getting the first issue, and this is back when you were brainwashed into thinking first issues would be valuable, so that was cool. I ended up getting some of the early issues as well. Spawn seemed to have good marketing because I had some Spawn action figures and then a year or two after the first comic, there was a cartoon on HBO. His costume looked cool, and that’s all I cared about lol.

    I only watched the cartoon on MTV, but The Maxx was also another cool edgy non Marvel/DC hero.

    I’ve been pretty low energy lately, but maybe one of these days when I’m all jacked up on Mountain Dew I’ll send you an audio comment. Keep up the good work brother.

  2. About halfway through at this point:

    I have never even seen Blade. Is it good?

    Gen-13 was an X-men knock off I remember enjoying. Its been a lot of years, but if I remember, I think that was an Image Comic. I never payed attention to who was making it, but it definetly had X-men wannabe vibes, but weirdly, that was okay at the time.

    My daughter is into Spiderman. I'm totally shocked because none of my kids ever cared about super heroes. She in particular didn't like them. But she started with one of those kids cartoons where spiderman and his friends are all kids and they basically do whatever weridness with the IP they want. She graduated from this young kids cartoon to an age 10+ cartoon more akin to the 90s Xmen cartoons. She wants to try the comics. Got her Spirderman Essential 1. I'm excited to give it to her. Fun times.


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