Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Ghost Ranger - My Top 5 Favorite Sega Genesis Games


I am back from my hiatus and have decided to go back to my roots. My very first game system was the Genesis/Mega Drive and I am going to attempt to cover as much of the library as possible. But, before that, I will list my current 5 favorite games on the system. (Subject to change later down the line.)

5. Risk

Adapting a board game into a video game was much more of a gamble with the limited technology of the older game systems. This is a case where it worked out greatly. It goes up to 6 players with only 2 controllers needed because there can only be 2 players fighting each other at once. 
It is an extremely simple game, using units to try to take over the map one country at a time. Each turn you get a few more units and you can use them to either strengthen your spaces or attack other players. Fun and addictive even to this day, but 
not nearly as fun playing solo.

4. Dinosaurs For Hire

A run & shoot based on a comic book series I have never read. However, this game is tons of fun and has funny writing even without knowing any background. It is a pretty difficult game, especially playing single player. (I still have not been able to beat it.) But, the controls are solid, graphics are great and the game even has a funny scene making fun of the blast processing unit. Not much else to say, you jump, shoot, and collect power ups while trying to survive.

3. Mercs

I purchased this game because it looked cool and I absolutely loved it. It is an overhead shooter with 2 modes. An Arcade mode that gives you a set number of lives and guns are picked up. Also, an original mode that has a story and different stages. Plus, instead of a set number of continues, you find near allies all with their own gun types that can be upgraded and each one has their own life bar. Switching between the allies is vital in order to save on health until a heal item is found and shooting through this game is a thrill.

2. Sonic 3 & Knuckles

I love all the Sonic titles on this 16-bit system, but placing Sonic 3 on top of Sonic & Knuckles gives my favorite Sonic experience to date. Three characters with different paths, 14 emeralds, and Super and Hyper forms. This is easily one of the most fun times I have ever had with any video game.

1. Shining Force 2

It was difficult to chose between Shining Force 1 and 2 for my number 1 pick because both games have pros and cons and are fantastic games in their own right. However, I am going to give the edge to the second game on the technical amazement. The whole game is a big open map with tons of hidden items, battles, and allies. While the story is not quite as engaging as the first game, several quality of life improvements including menu navigation, class balancing, and variety of allies, makes the overall game experience superior.
This tactical RPG is timeless, Nintendo has Fire Emblem, Sega has Shining Force.

Those are my top 5 favorite Genesis games, for now. I am aware I am leaving off popular titles like Wriststar and Rocket Knight, but just assume that is because I have not gotten a chance to play them properly yet. Until I eventually release an updated list, this is Cendoo the Ghost Ranger of Emerald Rangers, signing off.

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