Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Top 5 Popular Games I Don't Like


 Following up my confession to liking 5 games that are considered "bad", I will now do the opposite. Here are 5 video games/series that a lot of people love and I do not like.

There is a fine line between disliking a game because it is not for you or because you genuinely feel it is bad. I will try to avoid the formal because that does not mean anything. For example, Football games, I do not care for them but I do not consider them bad, just more for fans of the sport. I will focus on games that most people would praise that I do not see the appeal of.

5. Red Dead Redemption 2

Here is a game that exploded in praise upon its release and one that I really wanted to like as well. It look incredible, the effort behind it is mind blowing, and I love open worlds with tons of little things to do. There were just 2 things that stopped me from having any fun with it, the characters and controls. The whole realistic engine can be fun as I enjoyed it in GTA, but the quick commands are pain. One more than one occasion I accidentally pushed a button that made the protagonist instantly shoot the nearest living object and got myself chased out of town. Even when I unequip a gun it still has that. Similar problem happened with the melee attack where instead of punching right in front of my character he quickly side stepped and hit my horse which made him angry. I never like abusing pets in video games. I know with practice I could adjust to the controls but they made me rage quit to the point where I did not want too.
As for the characters, the main cast are bandits and I don't like playing villains. GTA I could embrace it because it was so over the top it was fun, but these crooks are just people I cannot root for, no matter what Redemption probably came later. Still, given how much this game has to offer I can understand why people love it.

4. Elder Scrolls 3-5

I never played 1 & 2 so I will withhold judgement. However, I have attempted these titles and could not get into them. Morrowind was confusing on where to go next and I found myself just hoping from town to town looting. Could not understand the story at all. Oblivion I was hyped for but it is completely broken by its level scaling mechanic. Skyrim, best one and I don't hate it, there is a lot I like about the game, I just don't find the combat enjoyable. Swords and spells have an appeal that I normally like, they just don't work in first person for me. Never got far enough into 3 & 4 for that to be an issue. Still, this is a series I would still be interested in future titles for.

3. MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena)

This one is a personal story for me. I have never been big into competitive multiplayer games or any games that lack solo lay, but MOBA's are ones I tried to get into. There has been different occasions where different groups of friends wanted me to play with them and I wanted to but the games are boring for me. Honestly, I feel bad about not liking these, they look like fun little time wasters to play with your friends. But, you cannot control what you do and do not like.

2. Super Mario Games

If you are reading this, please do not lecture me on Mario's historical significance. I am well aware of all that and I respect Mario, his games are just too basic for me to get really invested in. The 2D titles are historic and fun enough, I just do not see the big deal about them. It is simple platforming with non-threatening enemies and a basic goal.
The 3D titles I have an unpopular history with. Didn't have 64 as a kid, own it now and parts of it are fun but levels get repetitive, many exploitable glitches, and the reward for 100% is not worth it. Sunshine I owned, it was okay but the levels were not interesting and the whole experience is ruined when you realize that the Shine sprites don't do anything. They do not progress the story or unlock any levels, getting all of them unlocks a new shirt.
Galaxy I found unplayable because of the mandatory Wii-mote and nunchucks, and 3D World tried too hard to be easy for kids.
Haven't gotten around to Odyssey yet, but one title I like won't change my overall opinion of the series. Good movie though

1. Legend of Zelda

Which one? Any of them, I don't enjoy playing any of the Zelda titles. Growing up, the only ones I had were the 2 Oracle games on Game Boy Color, and my brother and I relied on a strategy guide. Those are fond memories, but playing it now it is just frustrating and confusing on where to go next.
The original title was impressive for an NES game, but I cannot imagine how anyone can beat that game without either a guide or simply memorizing every hidden door. Even Breath of the Wild could not keep my interest. Most of the game is grinding for better stats and having unlimited bombs kind of breaks the combat which was already basic. Honestly, I just find the Zelda games boring and repetative. 

Those are my unpopular opinions. No doubt you don't agree, and that is good, nobody likes the same things and every game is for someone. Until next time, this is Cendoo the Ghost Ranger, signing off.

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