Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The Patrick Star Show Is One Of The Best Shows On TV Right Now


Hear me out. The Patrick Star Show is one of the best cartoon shows on TV right now. You might think it's very sacrilegious of me to defend a Spongebob spin off TV Series. And you're right. I've been a Spongebob fan since it first premiered in Australia back in the early 2000s. Actually, The Patrick Star Show is even better than the current 13th season of Spongebob as well. While Spongebob Season 13 does have a few good episodes, I think a lot of them have been a hit or miss. The Tidal Zone Special was an interesting concept, and I really enjoyed the Nosferatu episode as well, but there are others that just didn't really seem to hit the mark. One episode  had Spongebob and Patrick building a ship for Mr. Krabs because reasons. Another episode had Spongebob working at the Salty Spitoon because reasons. But the Patrick Star Show doesn't have to make sense to be good. Because after all, it's Patrick. It's an actual wild ride of complete chaos and utter insanity for each of the episodes' 20 minutes. Plus, the original voice cast from the Spongebob show are in this series as their younger counterparts without any pitch altering to their voices. Unlike most TV shows, in an era of "wokenes " and "cancel culture" if you'd call it that, you'd think the Patrick Star Show would have been cancelled by now because one of the characters said fart on TV or something. But no. Thankfully it is still running. Here are several reasons why I think it's one of the best shows on TV right now.

It Isn't Supposed To Make Sense, And That's OK

This is a Spongebob Spin Off. So unfortunately it's being review bombed by nerds online. Don't let that fool you. It's SUPPOSED to not make sense. Yes, this isn't Patrick's mum or dad from the Spongebob Season 2 episode  "I'm With Stupid". This is his television family. The producers of this show had already made that clear from the beginning, but some people just didn't understand and wanted to rage. But i've come to accept it fondly. Also Grandpat is an absolute legend. Unlike Spongebob episodes today where some of them are random for the sake of being random, Patrick is already known to be dumb & to not make sense most of the time. So now that he has his own TV show, it's supposed to be like that,

Traditional Animation Over 3D CGI

Okay guys look. Just because I like the Patrick Star Show doesn't mean I like Kamp Koral. I hate Kamp Koral. The 3D animation in it is terrible and very cheap looking. But the Patrick Star Show takes inspiration at least from the main Spongebob universe and keeps it to 2D animated, which the outcome is overall much better. Just like the original series, most of the same people who worked on Spongebob now are also animating it. I think there's also a bit of new talent in there too. Plus, I think it's much better than Kamp Koral animation anyway.

It Has Better Lore Than Spongebob These Days

One thing I find great about the Patrick Star Show is that it seems to have better lore & continuity than the main Spongebob series itself these days. It brings back a lot of background characters from the original series and gives them bigger roles. There were some surprises in the first season, such as Squidward's Mother making more of an appearance in some episodes, and in another episode later on King Neptune shows up and is once again voiced by John O' Hurley from the original Spongebob series. That is cool.

The show's humor is on par with other classics like "Rocko's Modern Life" and "Ren & Stimpy"


Considering that half of the people from this series originally worked on shows such as "Rocko's Modern Life" and "Ren & Stimpy", The Patrick Star Show does take inspiration from them, If you are like me and grew up with all those great Nickelodeon classics as a kid, then you'd certainly feel right at home with this series. I feel like they are trying well ro make this series be enjoyable for both kids and the original fans of the show who are now adults.

Could it be better than the latest Spongebob series these days?

While Spongebob Season 13 has a few interesting episodes and ideas, it relies too much on "Hey we have Spin offs now" episodes. While I understand that can get annoying specially more than once, the Patrick Star Show doesn't bring any of this up at all. It''s like its own unique take on the characters and Spongebob universe, it actually is quite nice to have a few different options for Spongebob fans to enjoy and I highly recommend checking it out. I feel like it's the best new thing Nickelodeon have done in a while. I've gone through nearly all of the first season so far and have very much enjoyed it. Who knows?  Maybe you will enjoy it too. I'm just waiting for Season 2 now.
The Patrick Star Show is now streaming on Paramount+ 


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