Thursday, July 20, 2023

I Deleted All Of My Social Media Accounts, And You Should Too


Some people think i'm crazy. But I did delete all of my social media accounts a while ago and I don't regret it. Social Media these days had been bumming me out more and more lately up to the point where I didn't care about it any more. I got fed up with Youtube as well and deleted my account on there too. Twitter was the first one of mine to go, I deleted it last year just before the Elon Musk takeover and never regretted it either. My Instagram was the next to go, after my Insta account got hacked a while ago. But they didn't do much, they were just stupid bitcoin spammers. Once I deleted Instagram as well, I thought I really didn't need it. How much better I feel without it.
Facebook was getting on my nerves for a while and I had many issues with it. I do not agree with any of their policies. Why would I bother to stay on a platform where I don't agree with any of their policies for? As a musical artist I am not allowed to upload videos of my music directly to Facebook for a listening experience. So I can't really promote it on the platform that way. User engagement also drops hard. Don't get me started about privacy concerns. I was getting really freaked out "Suggested pages" and ad recommendations on subjects I had talked about IRL that I had never searched for online. It happened a few times for me to notice and get concerned about, as it seems to happen to everyone.
Social Media is also scientifically proven to be a damaging effect to your mental health, become a haven for hackers, and recently as well with the introduction of Mark Zuckerburg's Threads app to rival Twitter, I think it really shows you can't win a war on Social Media by making another Social Media platform. I think at the moment we are seeing the beginning of the end of the dying trend of it all.

Think about it. I never got onto the Threads bandwagon. When I saw you had to have an Instagram account to access Threads, I was already put off. Also, I checked the fine print and some of it is shocking. I don't even know people are aware of what they are signing up to. Apparently you can't even delete your Threads account without deleting your Instagram account. 

What I find worse about Threads is that, not even a week into launch and they already imposed a data limit for the app like Twitter, which means after a while you will be restricted from the amount of stuff you'll be able to see on both platforms while also detecting false positives. Which makes me think is all of this nonsense too much to ask. If I am in a room with friends chatting with each other face to face, I don't need to worry about any data limit restrictions on anything. If I go outside, I don't need to worry about data restrictions on anything. If I go down to the grocery store I don't need to worry about data limit restrictions. Do you get my drift?

I don't think introducing a new Social Media platform as bad as Threads to compete something as bad as Twitter will solve the current Social Media predicament it has caused itself. Many people have already stopped using Facebook. Facebook has become the platform for an older generation than for young kids these days it seems. Already, Threads has seen a sudden large drop of user activity (Gee, wonder why?) - I didn't even expect it to last this long. 
Maybe we have to thank Mark Zuckerburg and Elon Musk for making us realize how pointless the potential of Social Media really is, since I quit Facebook, I have actually been sleeping better at night. I haven't been up so late checking my phone and making posts about random shit nobody seems to care about. I didn't sign up for an endless bombardment of baby photos or foodie pics.
One of my friends just texted me frustrated asking me why I disappeared. I didn't disappear. I'm still here. Enjoying not being on Social Media. So next time think to yourself. Do you really need to make that post? Do you really need to share that photo? Or maybe keep it to yourselves and your friends personally?

Think about it?

I did and I don't regret it. Maybe if you are struggling with it, this will help you too!

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  1. Nice job.

    I’ve only got YouTube (which I don’t REALLY consider social media), and Instagram. I deleted Facebook back in 2020, I never really used Twitter or Reddit much, I’d usually open an account and delete it within the same week lol, Twitter and Reddit seem to be full of fedora tipping paint chip eaters.

    It would be nice to see a return of people just meeting face to face, but I think society is too far gone for that.


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