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Power Rangers Fan Theory - The SPD A Squad Ranger Suits and Sky's Dad's Red Ranger Suit Explained


Easily one of the most infamous moments in Power Rangers history took place during the Disney era season Power Rangers SPD. The blue ranger Sky was the son of the "best of the best" Red Rangers who died in action when he was a kid and his suit looks exactly like the Time Force Red Ranger with an SPD badge. Also, the main cast was the B-Squad, second team, while the A-Squad was MIA and their suits re-used the In Space helmets. This was al due to the strict budget that Disney put on the producer in a position where he was not permitted to create new outfits and had to make due with old props. But, while the show never acknowledged the similarities, what if there was an in-universe reason for their designs? Click "read more" for my theory.

Officer Tate:

A lot of fans seem to think that Sky's Father is actually Wes from Time Force because the same Red Ranger suit is used. Well, sorry but I am going to debunk that now. The creators of SPD do not support this theory, Sky and his Dad are named Tate not Collins like Wes was, and the actor for Sky's Dad does not even look like like Jason Faunt. Sadly, the real story is simply Disney being cheap and giving them no budget for a new costume and the producer did not want to use the same suit as the main cast because he wanted Officer Tate to have his own identity. 

The A Squad

SPD's top elite Ranger team. Another Disney budget attack. The producer wanted to design all new suits for this team so they can stand out as their own thing, but Disney would not pay up and just gave them a box of old props to use. As a result, the suits are made what looks like black spandex with modified BMX armor, big painted guns that might be made from airsoft of paintball rifles, and most infamously are the re-used In Space Helmets. They were hoping fans either would not notice or accept it, the helmets were painted, decorated with SPD logos, and the black helmet was painted green. Cool considering there was no MegaGreen or In Space Green. Creators regret this decision because they have never stopped getting asked about those helmets. Really a shame that is all people remember from them.

My Theory:

What I believe the in-universe reasoning behind these designs is a simple one, the creative process. The SPD Powers are not based on ancient magic, mythical beasts, or any kind of chosen one archetype, it is based entirely on technology and training. So, I think it stands to reason that their Ranger technology began based on already known technology before developing into their own. It would be perfectly believable that SPD would work with Biolab and develop their own Ranger technology based on it which is why Officer Tate and presumably his team would have similar designs. 

This would also explain the A Squad as they are later developed and would make sense that their suits are more original but still have traces of known technology, being the In Space Helmets. It is safe to presume that SPD has worked with the Space Rangers of their time because it is confirmed that SPD has a prison in the orbit of KO-35 (the origins of the Space Rangers Powers).

Finally, we got the B-Squad suits, the newest ones deployed so they are their latest designs too. Finally perfecting their own image while being able to maintain Ranger Powers themselves.

There is never any mention or implication that one set of Ranger Powers is different in ability than another. However, with things like Swat Mode it can be assumed that the previous suits were upgraded rather than replaced.

I really believe this explanation works because it fits with the theme of the season and does not leave too big of plot holes. However, if you disagree, please leave a comment explaining why or join our Discord to discuss this with me further. I am always happy to speak with anyone. Until next time, this is Cendoo the Ghost Ranger, signing off.

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