Thursday, July 13, 2023

What I Would Like For The Next Nintendo Console



The Nintendo Switch seems to be well into its near end of life cycle. We have certainly come a long way with the console since it's first launch date in 2017, but unfortunately it does seem to be losing its touch and wow factor. I never really got into the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bandwagon, for me it just came and went. It looks exactly like the same game as the first one. Maybe I am wrong but I was never into the newer ones as much as the older ones. So let's get back to 2017 and see the first Zelda BOTW game came out which was also a console launch title. It's been that long and the Switch is still around. We have a few more quiet games lined up for the end of the year, (despite the odd exciting one like Super Mario Wonder) but it is uncertain as what the future of the now struggling console holds. Nintendo themselves seem to already be in the development stages of their next console,  which may not be released until sometime in 2024, which is what some official reports claim. The Nintendo Switch itself is a dying gimmick. With very janky 'Joy Con' controllers with buttons so small they make your fingers cramp, to control drifting  (thank goodness for Pro Controllers) to the very frustratingly tedious slow release of oncoming Nintendo Switch Online titles (seriously when was the last time the library added a N64 game) - relying on more ports & remasters of titles as well as of recent, despite the odd original such as Pikmin 4 and whatever else.

I think it's certainly time that Nintendo pave the way for a new and original console. According to some it may run on the same hardware as a PS4 or Xbox One, which isn't a very big step up, While this may annoy some, I always admired Nintendo moving away from power hungry SSDs that take up bonkers of space, and focusing on more games for a market that everyone can enjoy, pick up and play. SSD technology is difficult especially in today's world of price increases and struggling cost of living woes.

So what exactly would I like for the next Nintendo console?

A completely new and original experience.

I don't want a Nintendo Switch 2. I would see no point of that. The Switch has come and gone. We get it, it's playable on a TV or in handheld mode. I would love the next Nintendo console to go back to discs instead of cartridges. A better EShop with a more improved UI. NO Joycon controllers. Forget about that Wii stuff now. Do something different and get something more traditional again. The Switch was supposed to be every Nintendo console in one but now it would be great for a brand new experience. I think that would just be around the corner Anything is possible.

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