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A review of the game: BIOSHOCK (Infinite) ps4

 Garry Schyman's BioShock Infinite on Top Score | Classical MPR

This review will be split into multiple chapters 

1- brief description of the game
3- story (spoilers!!!)

Brief description of the game

       Bioshock Infinite is the third game in the bioshock game franchise 2K games and Irrational games. It takes place in a fictional steampunk city in the sky known as "Columbia." You play as Booker Dewitt as he is sent to the city to take a girl named Elizabeth from Columbia to NYC, but unknown to him, she has a power to open cracks in reality she calls "tears".Most of the story revolves around these tears.


       The game is pretty standard for a shooter game with some very slight differences. You can hold up to 2 guns at a time, and these vary from pistols to rocket launchers with some "VOX" variants of many of the guns. For the guns, at some venders you can upgrade the guns and there effectiveness,  but it usually isn't worth it to upgrade the rarer guns as they are harder to find ammo for as well, and ammo also a waste of cash.
BioShock Infinite (2013)

       You may notice the devil head in the bottom right of the image. That has to do with the reason why your left hand is free while the right's in grip. the left side is used for Vigors, which are magical powers given to Booker through plot progression and vendors. A lot of them serve similar needs, and because of that, you may only want to upgrade one or two of them all the way. 

       The Tears opened by Elizabeth can be used in combat. Some of them open gates for health or "Salts"(used for vigors) while others bring out automatons to shoot your enemies. These tears also serve a huge purpose in the plot.


       Booker Dewitt is a poor veteran who has massive debt. He is hired by one of his debtors to find a girl with a missing pinkie named Elizabeth and take her to NYC. He arrives onto Columbia and it is almost a paradise. while walking around, he bumps into the Luteces and drinks a vigor along the way. we then find out that it's not as much of a paradise as we were lead to believe as it is hella racist. After we fight our way to a statue the Elizabeth is in and free her (having to fight a giant bird mech in the process), we try to get to the first lady air balloon as the main antagonist is introduced. His name is Comstock and he rules Columbia and is the father to Elizabeth. we bump into the Luteses more and more as we realize something isn't quite right with them.  

        Throughout the game Elizabeth uses more and more of her tear powers. as we reach the air ship we find it powered down, so we need a shock jockey vigor to charge it. as we walk into a museum we find out more an more of Bookers veteran past as he apparently killed a lot of innocents. one of  Bookers old military pals named Cornelius Slate has taken it over as Comstock was claiming he was deployed at the same battles as Booker and Slate, even though neither had previous knowledge of him. We have to kill slate to get shock jockey as he tries to kill us so we can have a warriors death.

        After we start up the blimp, Elizabeth figures out we want to take here to NYC so she runs away. we end up working for the Vox which is a rebel group. We convince Elizabeth to come with us. A guy we needed to be alive dies so we have to use a tear to fix that. In the new universe the Vox are now bad guys. Elizabeth kills their leader, which is her first kill. To get to Comstock, as killing him is the only way we can leave Columbia, we need to dig up the corps of Elizabeth's mom, but from that we find out that she is not Comstocks daughter.

       As we make our way to Comstock Elizabeth is captured by the bird mech, we are transported to a future universe and we meet a bad future version of Elizabeth who used the last of her power to teleport us. She gives us a paper with a cage picture one it. We go to our time to save Elizabeth to save Elizabeth. as we go to get Comstock he makes his blimp take of, but we barley catch up. Before Booker drowns him he shouts about Elizabeth and her missing pinkie.

       As the Vox, mad about the whole killing their leader thing catch up, we and Elizabeth decide to destroy a siphon in her old home to have her gain back all of her powers so she can teleport us to safety. we figure out how Comstock controlled the big bird. he used a modified pipe flute to command it, and to do so he played C-A-G-E. Once the siphon is destroyed, the shock wave of power breaks the flute and causes songbird to flip. Elizabeth teleports us to a place from Bioshock 1 and 2 called rapture.

       We find out that there are infinite universes and that Comstock is Booker. it turns out that at on point in Bookers past, the time he could of got baptized. if he did, he is Comstock. If not, he stays Booker. Booker has a daughter named Anna and sells her to the Lutecces so he has his debts rid of. Turns out that the Lutecces work for com stock and go to take Anna through a tear, but Booker changes his mind and tries to stop them, but at the last second the tear closes and Anna loses her pinkie. The Lutecces get sick of Comstocks so brain wipe Booker so he'll go kill 'em. Elizabeth then drowns Booker at the moment he would have been baptized, as to keep him from being Comstock.  


I like the game alot, and after a month am still trying to put together the ending 9.5/10

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