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Super Sentai Saikyo Battle - Battle 3: The Big Secret Revealed - Summary/Review

Back again with the 3rd part of this 4 week special. Last time, it ended with an unmasked Gaisorg which created a lot of questions as it did not make sense. Better go ahead and click "read more" so we can get some answers.

Also, shout out to TV Nihon for the free fansub.


The episode begins immediately where the last one left off with Takaharu behind revealed as Gaisorg and still fighting Marvelous. Possibly still in shock, Marvelous is quickly defeated and Gaisorg/Takaharu leaves. Not a word is spoken by Gaisorg. Another note, Rita is commenting on some kind of energy being collected. Cut to intro!

The obvious question here is that Gaisorg has already fought Takaharu and was using different techniques this time. My instincts tell me this is either copying or absorbing.

One theme song later, we rejoin Stinger in a library. His snooping is interrupted by a surprise face, none other than Dekamaster - Doggie Kruger

Fun trivia about our dog ranger here; he is the only ranger to be pretty much the exact same has his Power Ranger counterpart, Shadow Ranger. They have the same role, personality, and even name, almost. Super Sentai - Dekamaster Anubian Doggie Kruger. Power Rangers - Anubis Doggie Cruger. The only differences are a slight change in the name/spelling and the costumes.
Back to the episode.

No hostility between the rangers, Doggie is actually acquainted with the Kyuurangers. Doggie is in that library because he is also doing research on Planet Nemesis because its barrier was created artificially. Stinger reveals that the galactic president gave him orders to investigate; so they have common ground.

I love moments that show a ranger team is still active after their season ended. 

Time for the semi-finals! For once, they aren't starting with Oddball Team.

No returning cast this time, but we do get too see 4 classic roll-calls and ranger poses.

Elsewhere, Stinger and Doggie find the magical barrier that confirms that no one outside the planet can be contact nor can giant robo or mecha be summoned. Convenient plot point to avoid any zords. Stinger shows Doggie a book he found that have some mysterious glyphs, So, Doggie uses his license to translate them.

Apparently he can do that now. 

Deciphering will take some time. At this point, some foot soldiers from a few different seasons appear and attack Stinger and Doggie. Now we get an unmorphed fight that shows some decent martial arts. These grunts don't put up much of a struggle but won't stop coming; so, Stinger stays behind to fight them and tells Doggie to go tell what they found to Yamato

Them grunts are only useful when it's plot important.

A quick cutaway to Gaisorg reveals that he has Luka (GokaiYellow) chained up. No doubt this is Marvelous' treasure that he is looking for. 

The Semi-finals wrap up with a win for Team Martial Arts over Super Strong. After this, Rita teleports RyuuRanger and Time Red away somewhere while making subtitle comments that imply ulterior motives. 

Stinger fights his way through the hoard of leftover foot soldiers and is eventually ambushed by Gaisorg. Meanwhile, Doggie finds Marvelous unconscious and rushes to his aid. The two have a flashback to their crossover and Doggie helps Marvelous back to the Oddball Team's room. Once there, Marvelous tells Yamato and Kagura about Takaharu being in the Gaisorg armor. 

After some back and forth, the Oddballs come to the conclusion that someone is putting the Gaisorg armor on different people and controlling them. Doggie informs everyone that him and Stinger were both undercover investigating the planet separately and about his deciphering. Now, they all take a vow to defeat Gaisorg and save Takaharu and the others, even Marvelous joins in.

This touching moment arrives just in time for the next semi-final battle to be announced and break it all up. 

Kagura finally gets to participate and it is against their new comrade. Kagura is upset but Marvelous and Doggie see it as the perfect opportunity. 

Realistically, Dekamaster should be much stronger then ToQ 5gou. But, Kagura has protagonist powers.

Now it is time for the battle. Kagura rushes forward and attacks desperately but is getting tossed around. However, she begins to gain ground on Doggie quickly. Before you get too impressed, a flashback reveals their plan is for Doggie to lose on purpose and have Kagura show overwhelming power to lure out Gaisorg. This was decided because Doggie is only there for undercover work while Kagura and the others all have wishes they desperately want granted. 

That is a little undermining to the rest of Doggie's team.

Ever really wish you were a stunt man?
The fight rages on and Kagura goes on a rampage as the Toqger's theme song starts playing. She flails around and gets some throws in with some amusing moves. Doggie is impressed with her strength. After a grabble breaks out, Doggie asks Kagura what wish she is fighting for, and she says it is her families restaurant. More specifically, to give it a menu that will make every family smile. 
I bet the money they would make is nice too.

They didn't de-morph, this is just done for atmosphere. Although I don't know why they made Doggie shiftless. But just so you know, that line on his back it totally not a zipper!

Doggie counters by saying it is not really the menu she wants but instead having the time and energy to be able to help her family. Kagura agrees, saying if she had that then she could figure out the rest.

Wishing for more time and energy. That's relatable to the parents watching this with their kids.

Both rangers charge up a finishing sword attack and Kagura wins the struggle resulting in her defeating Doggie legitimately; he even acknowledges his defeat. Now you can be impressed with Kagura Before leaving, Doggie gives Kagura his license and a handcuff to give to Stinger because it holds the answers. Now, the Oddballs advance to the finals against the Martial Arts team.

Their plan works and Gaisorg appears to face Kagura. She gets slashed down quick but Marvelous and Yamato appear to ambush Gaisorg. This time, the Gokaiger's theme song plays. Marvelous actually talks to Yamato like a proper comrade and the two unleash a series of special moves against Gaisorg including Gokai-changes. How is he still able to do that? Ultimately, the Oddballs win.

I don't appreciate Kagura getting sidelined like that, but it was a good message about teamwork shown in a non in-your-face way.

However, something shocking happens as it isn't Takaharu in the armor this time but Stinger.

While all of this is going on, Rita's true colors begin to show.

Cutting back, a freed Stinger informs his teammates that Gaisorg is a living set of armor. Stinger was able to see fragments of Gaisorg's memory while possessed and saw Luka (GokaiYellow) being possessed and figured out that Gaisorg's invitation was actually hers. (This explains Luka's appcense during the Gokaigers battle with Gaisorg.) Most importantly, the deciphering is complete.

Ultimate Dia Satan is a demon that can destroy a galaxy in a second and Rita is planning to revive him. 

Dai Satan from Zyuranger? Is Rita actually Bondora? That would be one amazing reference to Power Rangers.

Before anything else can be done, they first want to save Luka whom Yamato finally figures out is Marvelous' treasure that he has been fighting for. No, this is not a love story, Captain Marvelous has always secretly considered all his comrades his treasure. However, they don't know where she is, but Marvelous has a plan. Possess himself to see into Gaisorg's memory.

Wouldn't it be funny if he couldn't get the helmet on because of his hair? The end!

But, before the episode stops, we return to Ryusoul Green and Black as they search for Kishiryuu. Although, they end up getting an invitation and are teleported to planet Nemesis.

After this happens, another person carrying the same sword as the Ryusoulgers appears inside the caves. This guy is yet another mystery.

Whoever this guy is, he discovers the orange empty Ryusoul that the 2 Ryusoulgers dismissed in the last episode and looks shocked to see it. And, the episode ends there.

Final Thoughts

This episode was very plot heavy and did its job to set up the finally. It was very action packed and answered a lot of questions while still building new ones. Personally, I don't think it was a major shocker to find out this tournament was a set up given it took place on Planet Nemesis, but the actual ulterior motive is a pretty big promise of danger. A couple things that bugged me were Kagura constantly getting pushed aside as the fate of many female Sentai Rangers. Also, bringing in Doggie as part of the main plot only to immediately take him away seemed a little bit of a tease. If not for the short time frame, I wonder if they would have made him another subplot building up to this episode.

As a whole, it is hard to criticize these specials because it is obvious they have a higher level of attention then most standard episodes so they tend to either be a lot of fun or a complete train wreck. Luckily, this special has been the formal so far. Overall, this episode was just more fun and I can only hope it ends on the same high note it was been so far. 4/5

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