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Top 5 Super Sentai Teams I wish got Power Rangers Adaptations


It's so easy to complain about either Power Rangers or Super Sentai and claim why you know one is better than the other. However, as someone who is a fan of both shows, I know there are several seasons of Super Sentai that either got skipped or came before Zyurangers (Mighty Morphin) and have always wondered how they would turn out as Power Rangers. (Fan made seasons do not count.) So, I am going to countdown 5 of these seasons that I wish got to become a Power Rangers season, for a variety of reasons.

5. Choudenshi Bioman

This is more of a "what if" pick. Bioman was the season used when Saban first attempted to make a Super Sentai adaptation in the United States under the name Biorhythm after others had failed to adapt the show. It took years of rejections and some retooling before it became Power Rangers. While I love the end product using Zyuranger and will be the first to admit that it was most likely for the best, a part of me still wonders where we would have been today if Power Rangers had begun in the 80s. We have had different actors, when 1993 came around and most definitively different writing. Who knows about the success with the previous generation as an audience. If multiverse theory is real than somewhere in another universe that is what happened and the whole world sees the franchise differently.

If you want to know more about the origins I mentioned, this video by Nerdstalgic covers it well.

4. Gosei Sentai Dairanger

Super Megaforce doesn't count! This is one we parts of it adapted, mainly the Zords, monsters, and White Ranger for Mighty Morphin Season 2. However, Saban still owned the footage for the core 5 Rangers and attempted to make use of them all the way until Lost Galaxy. While I have no way of confirming this, the story is that the Dairangers were going to be the Ancient Rangers, most likely the predecessors of the Galaxy Rangers. But, the later half of the season was changed after Valerie Vernon (Kendrix) had to leave the show to seek treatment for her leukemia. (She survived.) 

Simply put, I just really wanted either the previously mentioned storyline, or another to have happened. (Not interested in debating the best way.) Every team of Rangers has loads of potential for writing which is part of the reasons I am making this list, I hate to see wasted potential.

Here is popular fanfic, what the suits came with the Thunderzords upgrade.

3. Dōbutsu Sentai Go-Busters

I know what you are thinking; isn't that Beast Morphers with black visors and 2 extra Rangers? Yes and no. This pick is not for a season, but a movie. You may notice I listed Dōbutsu Sentai and not Tokumei Sentai as the season is known. In this movie, we get to see an alternate timeline where the Go-Busters followed a more traditional format and made fun of all the franchises tropes. It was hilarious and I wish they did something similar for Beast Morphers. The Super Sentai movies are a collection of wasted footage.

Here is a good example of the movie making fun of Super Sentai cliché's.

2. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger

Here is one I am still hopeful about because it is not too late or too old of a season to adapt. But it was skipped, as of writing this article. While I am not overly familiar with this season, it has a lot of good looking stock footage with 11 Rangers and plenty of Zords. This incarnation could take Power Rangers back into outer space and the possibilities are vast with no many unique designs for costumes. Consider this pick, more of a pitch. (Not that anyone at Hasbro will ever read this.)

1. Lupinranger vs Patranger

This pick is for very similar reasons as my last, except I am familiar with this season and I am hoping Power Rangers can do better. It was a good idea that finally gave us proper rival Ranger teams, but the writing drastically favored the Lupinrangers. (Phantom Thieves.) Also, several monsters had nice designs but didn't fight back once turned giant. Did not even have proper closure. I actually reviewed every episode of this season if you want to know more details.

Power Rangers has turned out better results than its Sentai counterparts in the past. (Debatable.) This is one where I really hope they will do the same. There is a lot of material here to work with. If both teams got some development, the Police themed team didn't come off as goofballs, and they built a rivalry beyond The Law vs Vigilantism than the characters can be very deep. Maybe even make the double 4th ranger a proper double agent with hidden agendas and not be so open about it. Whenever they did have 3 way battles between the two teams and the monster of week, there was some cool camera work with a shot that hovered over all the action. Fight scenes can be improved just like Time Force did over Timeranger. I can only hope.

Those are 5 Super Sentai Teams I wish would have or will become Power Rangers adaptations. While the future of Power Rangers is unclear right now, one can still hope and wonder. Until next time, this is Cendoo the Ghost Ranger, signing off.

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  1. Power Rangers can never surpass or be comparable to Super sentai because all the important footage is directly lifted from Super Sentai, their hardwork and creation.


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