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Power Rangers Dino Force Brave King 3: Gabugaburincho We-re a Team!

The Brave continues after the last episode saw the completion of the core 5 Ranger team and a sneak peak of the 6th Ranger. It would seem that Cyan, Gray, Violet, and Silver will not be returning for this incarnation. So, this season will be kept as simple as possible. Click "read more" and let us take a look at episode 3.


After some recap and the theme song, the episode begins with Jeon training Lee and Sechang training Yun at the spirit base and the later of both trying to weasel out of it. Lee tried to bribe his way out while Yun just throws a tantrum. Green and Pink are apparently still token at the moment.

More interestingly though, the villains, Neo Deboth Army, get a visit from the Gold Ranger. After fighting his way through to their leader, the Gold Ranger introduces himself as the Space Mercenary Juyhyuk. He says that he feels like taking on the Dino Force Rangers and requests to be hired by Neo Deboth to take them out, claiming his skills warrant a high price. The leader, Deizarus, agrees after seeing a mark on Juyhyuk's neck. 

Looks like either a burn or a peanut butter smear. What could the significance mean?

Editors note, for the first 2 episodes I have been referring to the Red Ranger by his last name, Kwon, but from now on I will use his first name Juyong for reasons that will be made clear later on.

Elsewhere, Juyong is training with his Zord when the other 4 Rangers show up. They watch Juyong get hit by his Zord's tail and all get worried about him which makes Juyong feel like they are all family. It is revealed here that Juyong does not have a family other than his other brother who he got separated with when they were very young so he does not remember his face. But, he heard he was very strong so he kept training to be like his lost big brother. Foreshadowing! 

Meanwhile, back on the Neo Deboth ship, Cheuraira and Weihab don't like the idea of hiring a mercenary and decide to make a move on their own.

I know correct spelling of Cheuraira is Tsuraira but I am just going off this fan translation. 

Skipping any build up, Cheuraira and Weihab teleport directly in front of where Sechang and Jeon happen to be running. The two of them morph and a 2v2 fight begins. At first, Sechang and Jeon are outmatched, but Lee and Yun show up to turn the tide in their favor. Yun makes a comment about the two of them not setting a good enough example. I think we just saw a B plot play out in the blink of an eye.

Pink and Green get to show off new moves. Green shoots a spicy beam and Pink uses a new power that allows her throw a fury of kicks. Juyong shows up at this point to point out that everyone is more in sync because they're like family. Really, this show does not have the runtime for B plots. Where was Red this whole time anyway? The 5 of them do their first proper team role call. In English for some reason.

Despite the name of this season, this is the first time anyone has said the phrase "Power Rangers".

With Cheuraira and Weihab now in a losing battle, they summon another one of their giant robots along with some Giant Zorima in desperation. 

Giant Zorima


On cue, the 5 Rangers summon their Zords. Red, Green and Pink form their Western Combination from the last episode and fight the Suza giant robot while Blue and Black take out the Gaint Zorima while remaining independant Zords. The overall battle is very short and mostly just serves as a showcase of all the Mecha attacks they have acquired so far and to show all 5 Rangers in a Megazord cockpit together. Villains go boom and the battle is won.

After the fight, the Rangers are playing soccer and bonding. They have some sibling like banter before the ball gets kicked off field. Juyhyuk appears, returns the ball to Juyong then disappears, ending the episode. 


Final Thoughts

This episode was decent, but shows off some of the problems a mini series will face. The point of this episode was to develop the Rangers as a team and it all felt very rushed. An issue was presented and resolved all in the span of about 3 or 4 scenes. Even the villains attack was subpar. Other than developing their relationship with Juyhyuk, all they did was show up to fight an fail. Did not even have a plan. 

Despite the negatives, it was still an alright experience to watch. Nothing was really bad, just cut short and rushed. One of the benefits to the shorter run-time is that even a less than great episode does not overstay its welcome so there is still no regret in watching it. 3/5

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