Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Tangent Knights: Caprice of Fate (Audio Drama) - Mini review


This is something very different, an audio drama. Now, I would like to go on record saying that we are not sponsored by Graphic Audio, but I am a big fan of them and this is a story that speaks to Tokusatsu fans. This will not be a very long review because I don't want to spoil too much. Click "read more" for my coverage. You can also click the image above to listen to this story yourself.


This story takes place in the year 2046 in a world where multi-verses are connected and on a new Earth called New Avalon. The main character is a Collage girl named Corazón “Cory” Kagami and she is a massive Toku fan. Throughout the whole story she is constantly making references to Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman. Cory is a free spirit that is obsessed with following passions and helping people which is in direct contrast to her powerful business women mother Morgan. Her Tokusatsu obsessions come to life when through a freak accident she becomes the Tagent Knight Caprice due to Morgans company Catchfire. Morgan and Cory have never gotten along due to constant disagreements on priorities of life, but this accident may finally have a means to bring them together. However, between strange monster attacks and the actions of allies and enemies seeming strange to Cory, she is left with a lot to uncover and many rough decisions. 

There is a lot of action and character interactions. Fight scenes are well explained and the sound effects are extremely well edited. The new world this story takes place in does leave a lot up to imagination however. While a few things are explained like hover bikes and holographic communication, a lot of this New Avalon planet is just to be assumed that it functions mostly like our current Earth. 

There are no forced love interests, and the main character is a strong female. Cory cares deeply about her friends and the lives of civilians that are put into danger by the attacks. Also a very talkative person who unintentionally pushes the Tokusatsu tropes onto these armed forces. On the downside, they couldn't resist sexualizing to a small degree; there is an issue with morphing causing her clothes to get burned up. But, at least that is not focused on too heavily. The supporting characters all fit token roles; there is the secret agent duo, a misogynistic macho guy, one who is nerdy tech, and a British doctor etc. Despite this, every character is at least well flushed out, some get more development than others but it is all to benefit the story and there is still time for more development with sequels. 

My Thoughts

It is honestly a very well thought out story and the characters have a lot of personality. There was a lot more I could have said about the story, but I honestly don't want to spoil anything because I want to support this release. As of writing this article, this audio drama is on sale for $6.99 and runs 7 hours. I would call that a good deal; the effort behind Graphic Audio is great. This is not an audio book with one person reading you a story, this is fully cast with music and sound effects and really does feel like "a movie in your mind". Any fans of Tokusatsu or just a good SiFi action story very much should check this out; you can listen to it while doing anything else. 4/5

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