Sunday, January 24, 2021

Minecraft(bedrock:ps4) Review Minecraft (PS4): Video Games

     Ah Minecraft, the game of games. This nostalgic open world survival game from 2008 has stuck around through thick and thin, even being popular to this day.  Minecraft is more popular than Jesus Christ himself. If you haven't heard of this game you must live under a rock... NO! You must live under a mountain if you don't know what Minecraft is.


1. game-play

    Minecraft has 2 core game modes. These game modes are survival and creative. Survival is all about, well, surviving. In survival you have to eat to not die of hunger, and you must survive the monsters that spawn at night. To get resources to fight off  the dastardly creatures, you must mine for ores and craft swords, pickaxes, and more. These resources range from coal to diamond, and now even a new ore, Nether. Creative on the other hand is about exploring your creativity as you have infinite resources and can even fly! Dying is impossible in creative mode, so have fun during the night instead of hiding.

(pic above is a creeper. A monster)Creeper (Minecraft) - Wikipedia


    Minecraft has no real story. The closest thing to is that you need to kill the Ender Dragon  and once you do, the credits role and a weird poem appears. That's about it when it comes to a real story. If you want that "story" experience in a Minecraft setting, watch Dream SMP or play Minecraft: Story Mode.


    Minecraft was, and still is, a huge game. When I said it was more popular than Jesus, I wasn't lying. ( see pic below) Now you probably watched a Minecraft YouTuber in the past, or maybe you still do. Some examples include: Dan TDM, Pewdiepie, StampyCat, Dream, SSundee, TommyInnit, and SkyDoesMinecraft. This is just a small fraction of Minecraft content creators.


    Minecraft is a great game to play with your friends or by yourself. I probably watched Minecraft YouTube more as a kid than playing it ever. This game may not be for everyone, but it was perfect for me. 9.8/10. The ".2" is taken off due to phantoms and Netherite being added.

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