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Kamen Rider Zi-O! Episode 16 - Forever King 2018. Summary/Review

Choices, choices, choices! What choice will Sougo make in this episode.  Will he save or break the future? I'm sure that all of the Zi-O viewers out there already know the answer to that.  But if you want to read what I have to say or want to read my spoileriffic summary, be my guest.  This is I, Kaiser Sensei's summary and review on Kamen Rider Zi-O episode sixteen.  (Click on "Read More" to read the full article.)


This episode opens up right where the last one ended.  Sougo is in the future, where he has been defeated by Oma Zi-O.  Oma Zi-O offers Sougo to give up being Zi-O so he can save the future.  Thankfully, he doesn't have to make that choice now and Oma Zi-O sends Sougo back to his home time.  Oma Zi-O is very excited to see what choice Sougo will make, while also feeling nostalgic seeing his past self.  I have a strong feeling that Oma Zi-O doesn't want Sougo to become an evil king like him.

Geiz is still fighting Kasshiin and isn't doing a good job because he is getting his butt whooped.  Tsukuyomi saves Geiz by stopping Kasshiin's final blow by using her laser gun phone.  Sougo has also come to his decision, he wants Geiz to destroy his Kamen Rider belt, so he can retire from being Zi-O.  Normally in a show like this and this early into the season, you'd expect some weird voodoo stopping this from happening.  But guess what?  No BS happens.  Geiz destroys Sougo's Kamen Rider belt and erases Oma Zi-O and all of his henchmen and robot army.  Now that's how you open up an episode.  Although, I doubt that this is the last time that we will see Oma Zi-O and Kasshiin.  It's way too early to write them off permanently.

Sougo is a bit sad because this means that Geiz and Tsukuyomi must return back to their home time.  Woz also appears and Sougo tells him that he is no longer his demon king.  Unfortunately, all of this saving the future has just made the TimeJackers goal of creating a new king to be much more easy.  The TimeJackers re-activate Kasshiin and re-program him to destroy Sougo.  Sougo returns home and explains to his uncle that his friends won't be coming back.  Sougo also explains that he has given up on his dream.  Sougo's Uncle responds by giving him an emotional speech about dreams and destiny.

Sougo goes out to get some groceries and is ambushed by TimeJacker Heure. (formally known as Uhr.  The version I'm watching re-translated his name.)  Not too long after, out comes Kasshiin and Woz.  Sougo can't seem to catch a break because Woz brings him a new Kamen Rider belt, so he can become Zi-O again.  (I had a feeling that was going to happen.)  Sougo refuses, so they get Kasshiin to beat him up and he won't stop until Sougo accepts the belt.  Geiz and Tskuyomi are about to return back to their home time, until they see that Sougo is being attacked.

Woz is double-crossed by Heure!  Heure steals Zi-O's belt and intends to use it for the TimeJacker's evil goal.  Geiz comes in and saves Sougo from being obliterated by Kasshiin's laser attack.  Sadly, when Geiz deflected the attack, a little bit of it hit a little boy that was around the area.  Thankfully, the boy is fine and only has a sore knee.  However, Sougo is really mad about this and wants to put a stop to the TimeJackers.  IT'S HENSHIN TIME, BABY! Geiz morphs into Kamen Rider Geiz and fights Kasshiin.  You know who else joins the fight? Yup, it's Kadoya and he morphs into his Decade form.  It becomes a two on one handicap match and Geiz is defeated and knocked into a pit.  The same thing happens to Sougo.  Before Kasshiin finishes off Geiz and Sougo, Tsukuyomi zaps him with her laser phone and gets Kasshiin to chase her.

In a strong and emotional scene, Geiz convinces Sougo to take his Kamen Rider belt and become Zi-O once more.  Sougo morphs into Zi-O, saves Tsukuyomi, and fights Kasshiin and Kadoya with the aid of his Decade form.  Zi-O manages to get the other belt and throws it to Geiz, where he transforms into Kamen Rider Geiz and then powers up into his Ex-Aid form.  This is not enough because our heroes are still getting beat.  Our heroes have a plan, they swap some of their watches over and change forms.  Geiz gets his Ghost form, while Zi-O fuses together Decade and Ex-Aid to become Decade Ex-Aid.  Zi-O's new form is quite interesting, he looks like that he is using the Soul Splitter ability from Darksiders 2.  Zi-O is now split into two people, giving our heroes the advantage in the numbers game.

Kadoya has had enough and retreats.  The TimeJackers are angry and join the battle with their giant robots.  Geiz and one half of Zi-O jump into giant robots of their own while the other half of Zi-O fights Kasshiin.  The fight is long and a lot of stuff happens, too much stuff to describe.  Long story short, heroes win the battle.  What I did like is that we finally got an explanation as to how the TimeJackers survive from being blown up.  They just freeze time and escape before they can get caught up in the explosion.  The episode ends with Oma Zi-O and his giant robots being revived and our heroes having Christmas dinner.  So this was a Christmas special this whole time, huh?


Quite an interesting story this episode has.  They did things in this episode that you wouldn't normally see in any typical action show.  I didn't expect Sougo to go through with having his belt destroyed.  That was a shocker for sure.  Once that surprise was over, the rest of the episode was very predictable but not in a bad way.  I really enjoyed how the story folded out.  There was a decent amount of emotional scenes in this episode as well.  The acting was strong and helped make the drama effective.  I'm still enjoying how the show has maintained the balanced storytelling.  (Like I had mentioned in the previous episode.) It really does help the show a lot and makes it a smooth watch.

A lot of exciting action in this episode. We got to see a nice variety of moves and effects in the fights.  Just like my complaint about the last episode, the fights were very crowded.  Unlike the previous episode, they were very fun to watch and had no convoluted plot twists.  It did get a bit tough seeing what was going on in some parts of the fights and I had to re-watch some parts just to see what went on.  What I didn't expect from the action was seeing collateral damage by having a civilian get attacked.  I like this element though, it shows that actions have consequences.  The costumes are very spectacular and are full of character and charisma.  The effects have also gotten better and less awkward looking.

Overall, very decent episode that just got me full of excitement and made me feel like a kid again.  I'm giving this episode a seven-point-eight out of ten.  As a two part story arc I give it a seven-point-five out of ten.  Really fun, but a very crowded two parter.

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