Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Tails Tube (Official Sonic Web-series) - A must see for Sonic Fans


It seems redundant to shout-out something far more popular than yourself, but recognition is never a bad thing. On the Official Sonic The Hedgehog YouTube Channel there is a mini series staring Tails that answers fan questions with help from rotating guest appearances from other Sonic characters. Tails Tube!

I have always loved Q&A segments due to my fascination of behind the scenes trivia and official canon explanations, and this is great for both. Sonic and his friends are some of those characters I love to hear talk in-between adventures and Tails fits the role of Vlogger perfectly. They even talk about Sonic Characters who have not been used in decades like Mighty and Fang. Seriously, to anyone who loves the Sonic world like we do and have somehow not heard of this series, please watch it, you will thank me later.

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