Sunday, April 14, 2024

Coyote Vs Acme May Not Be Dead, According To New Reports


It's been a tough year for Looney Tunes fans who want to see the upcoming movie, Coyote Vs Acme, which was originally planned for a release back in July 2023, but pushed back due to the release of Barbie, and then taken off the release schedule only to be shelved as a tax write off. The film itself is completed and ready to go. Public outcry made Warner Bros reconsider the decision first and tried to sell the film off, however they did so in bad faith and wanted an asking price of $75 million. Netflix, Amazon and even Paramount were interested in buying the film, and although Netflix and Amazon for whatever reason bid under the sale price tag, Paramount bid for an unknown sum and was also hoping to release the film theatrically. 

This was enough to put Coyote vs Acme off the table again so public outcry ensured once more, with the Twitter hashtag #ReleaseCoyoteVsAcme trending constantly. Other trendy hashtags these past few months included #WarnerBros and #FireDavidZaslav in relation to the Coyote vs Acme movement.

Nothing was heard of for a while but then at the 2024 Oscar Awards, IndieWire reporters asked screenwriter Samy Burch (writer of the film) of any updates regarding the movie. She said  “As far as I know, it’s ongoing. “I think we’re all pretty heartbroken about it. We hope it will somehow find its home and not end up stuck in a vault for the rest of time. That would be a great resolution.” she also stated that she "went rogue" and wasn't sure if she was supposed to talk about that or not, and that test screenings were still happening around the country.

After about a month of silence, Steven Ray Byrd, an actor in the film, and heavy campaigner of its release, posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) today and revealed that the film is in fact still being sold. Via Steven Ray Byrd's Twitter -


Hopefully that's NOT all, folks! This promising news means that hopefully soon, one day we can see this masterpiece that is Coyote vs Acme, I just wish Warner Bros would stop wasting our time with this movie and just release it god damn it. We've all been campaigning around the world from France, UK, America, and Australia to release the movie. It's completed and ready to go. All it needs is someone - ANY DISTRIBUTOR! to buy it. Also check out my other article, How To Release Coyote Vs Acme - A Guide if any of these film companies are having a difficult time figuring out how to release it. One way or the other I really hope it isn't so long until we get to finally see this movie!

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