Saturday, April 6, 2024

Pandemonium Rocks Festival Announcements Leave Many Fans Demanding Refunds And Answers



*UPDATE* Deep Purple have confirmed to pull out of Pandemonium Rocks 2024, despite being the major headlining act, on their social media accounts. They hope to return to Australia "very soon".


The ill-fated upcoming Australian rock music festival, Pandemonium Rocks has had a large amount of setbacks since the thing was announced. It originally boasted a wide variety of line ups, such as Thai solo artist Petch, Australian rockers Wolfmother, Gyroscope, Cosmic Psychos , international acts Wheatus, Dead Kennedys, Palaye Royale, Gang of Four , and 4 main headlining acts, Placebo, Blondie, Alice Cooper and Deep Purple.

Deep Purple, one of the most in-demand bands on the bill, haven't toured Australia since 2013. They were seemingly dropped from the main line up after major changes that angered many fans who previously bought tickets.

Unfortunately, looks like Dead Kennedys, Gyroscope, Gang Of Four, Petch, Placebo and Deep Purple are off the main bill. Fans are understandably furious and looks like we'll have to wait a little longer to see the new Deep Purple line up with Simon McBride on guitar down under. Purple have a new album coming out in July 2024. While we hope that they will reschedule tour dates, they have yet to make a public announcement about what's going on along with several other bands who were also cut from the bill. However, Alice Cooper and Blondie posted a leaked statement on their social media accounts today - 

Over half of the original acts and most of the heavier rock acts are out,  turning Pandemonium Rocks into some 80's pop new wave type thing with Alice Cooper. The venues had to be cut down from 2 stages to 1. 
OZtix still advertise the original posters with the original line up, and original price for each venue. Realistically the whole thing is a mess. The event organizers have also been contacted about refunds, and they responded that there will be a new update 'on Monday'. Fans are also furious that there has been such a long drawn out wait for each announcement after some was promised a week ago and never arrived.

Many ticket buyers including myself are understandably frustrated by the changes and mismanagement of this festival. I expect this will end up getting cancelled if the ticket sales remain to be poor. People are already trying to be refunded. Australian Music Festival scene is not in a good place right  now.

If it's expected to be believed, Pandemonium Rocks festival kicks off in 2 weeks time. 

Deep Purple management have been contacted for comment.

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