Thursday, March 28, 2024

Pandemonium Festival Changes To Single Stage Event During Bizarre Changes While Australia's Festival Scene Struggles

Living up to it's name, it's safe to say Australia's Pandemonium Festival isn't having an easy start. With venue changes and a bit of annoying political intervention, the new Australian music festival has changed once again. Yesterday the Facebook Page announced some changes, from 2 stages to 1, with unannounced alterations to the band line ups.

Deep Purple were promised a headline act, whom haven't toured in Australia for the past 11 years. It's now uncertain if they'd still appear at the festival, as they, like several other bands, removed Australian dates from their website without any explanation.

This news has angered and frustrated many attendees whom already purchased tickets to the event (which were roughly around $280 AUD), for 2 stages and about 9 bands, including 4 main headline acts, Placebo, Blondie,  Alice Cooper and Deep Purple.

Amidst the confusion and frustration about the festival, people noticed several bands have removed their Australian tour dates related to the festival on their website, such as Deep Purple, Wolfmother, Dead Kennedys and Cosmic Psychos. Now the Pandemonium Rocks management is announcing changes to their line up, and we won't find out what they are until after Easter, this has left ticket holders frustrated, angry and in the dark about lack of transparency with their updates. It seems they're cutting the festival down  to half the size (also could be due to reported poor ticket sales, as 2 for 1 deals for tickets on special holidays were also a red flag), and many fans are understandably demanding to get refunded for half the price, or full completely. 

It's been a very bad week for Music Festivals in Australia with multiple festivals being cancelled. Last week, Groove On The Moo was cancelled. Yesterday's sudden cancellation of traditional Splendor In The Grass festival was also cancelled, and long running Castlemain State Festival went into Voluntary Administration yesterday. Logistics and Cost Of Living Crisis seem to affect the music festival scene in Australia a lot lately. But festivals should not promise one thing and then deliver another.

I was personally looking forward to Pandemonium Rocks festival until all of the problems. I don't really care for music festivals. I just wanted to see Deep Purple & Alice Cooper, didn't really care about the other bands on the bill. But it would have been a fun day out. We know some bands have already pulled out, but don't know which yet. But it's obvious they would have problems with Deep Purple, Cosmic Psychos and Wolfmother.
It would be a strange festival, and also a strange Oceanic tour for Deep Purple who last toured here since 11 years ago. Not a good look for festival promoter Andrew McManus as well, who's locked his Facebook page to the public, as he used to promote Pandemonium Rocks content on it. Many speculators including myself just think the whole thing will end up being cancelled.

Deep Purple's management have also been contacted for comment about the removed Australian dates.
Another Australian music festival, NYE In The Park has been thrown into liquidation as of today.

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