Friday, February 23, 2024

Who Will Save Coyote Vs Acme?


Today was the Warner Bros Q4 Earnings Report, and some people believed we'd find out about the fate of the upcoming Looney Tunes film, Coyote Vs Acme. Sadly though but as somewhat expected, Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav did not mention anything about the movie at all. Many state that the film is in limbo and plans to be shelved, along with Stephen King's would-be upcoming film, Salem's Lot and maybe a few other movies as Warner Bros announced a $115 million tax write down, according to Hollywood Reporter this morning. It wasn't mentioned what films were shelved but many people believe Coyote Vs Acme was one of them. Many people, including voice actor Eric Bazua have been critical with this decision and continue to fight the good fight for somehow saving & releasing this movie. The hashtag #ReleaseCoyoteVsAcme continues to trend on Twitter, er...X, daily. Meanwhile, after the Q4 earnings meeting, Warner Bros' stock heavily dropped since the Q4 earnings as well. Though the studio can't seem to figure out what to do with the new (and Completed, might I add) $70 million Looney Tunes Movie, they are fine spending $200 million on the upcoming Joker 2 sequel almost instantly. Like you, i'm very confused. 

Warner Bros are also trying to come up with new movie deals for people like Tom Cruise and Margrot Robbie, for a potential sale or merger of the studio which is expected to occur sometime in April 2024. A merge with Paramount has been discussed for a long time. Until then, who can save Coyote VS Acme? Will there be any legal repercussions from this? Cancelling completed movies for tax write-offs has already gotten a critical response from certain US Lawmakers, but will anything come out of it?

Coyote VS Acme is completed. It's edited, mixed and recorded. Ready to go. They could announce a release date tomorrow if they wanted. Drop it on MAX or show it in cinemas. This is one of the most talked about movies in Hollywood right now and the amount of free promotion of the film is mind boggling. It's an advertisers' dream. Who will save this movie? Some people say they are planning to leak it. But what's holding them back? Do they have the film or not? It looks like the leakers would be our last resort if Warner Bros refuse to release this movie, or if the Paramount merge happens in April let's see where this will take us. Another shelved film, Scooby Doo & Krypto Too! was shelved but then leaked online in full length. Hopefully the same can be said for Coyote VS Acme, one of the most in-demand films of all time. For the time being, we won't stop talking about #ReleaseCoyoteVsAcme until justice is served, and we can all see the movie and enjoy it.

That's NOT all folks. 

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