Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The Pressure Is On For Warner Bros to Release Coyote VS Acme



As Warner Bros & WBD CEO David Zaslav continue to remain quiet about the fate of the animated/live action hybrid Looney Tunes movie Coyote vs Acme, fans online continue to rally in support of the film's upcoming release. People have written to congressmen while others within the film industry attend award ceremonies and publicly criticize David Zaslav's canceling completed films for tax write offs as 'anti art' and 'predatory' behavior. 

Actor Will Forte recently shared a message of support to cast and crew praising the unreleased film. Most recently at the 2024 Reel Awards, host Patton Oswalt publicly criticized David Zaslav,  claiming that he heard "David Zaslav got a new three-movie deal with H&R Block."  Recently voice actor Eric Bauza, who is the current voice of many Looney Tunes characters, yelled "RELEASE COYOTE VS ACME!" at the 2024 Annie Awards in front of thousands of fans who gave him a standing ovation. 

Today the plot synopsis of the film got leaked by an insider on Twitter, who reportedly was close to the production for the movie. Actor Steven Ray Byrd, who appeared in the movie along side John Cena, responded to the leaks, saying he believes the plot leak is quite accurate, although plenty more from the film is missing.


If the film certainly does look like it's not coming out, especially at any time soon, fans are hoping for someone to leak the whole movie online. Warner Bros Discovery refuse to share details about the fate of the final film at this time. It's completed, ready to go. They should just release it! Or the next best thing would be for someone to leak it online. Back in early 2023, a animated Scooby Doo movie, Scooby Doo & Krypto Too! was shelved for a tax write-off. Someone leaked the movie online in it's entirety, forcing Warner Bros to backtrack and release it straight to DVD. This would only be the start of a dangerous tax write-off and shelving trend from David Zaslav. A highly controversial move for film studios.

There is no evidence that the movie has been 'deleted'. The phrase 'deleted' was a misinterpreted take on the word 'shelved' that a lot of media sites preferred to use instead. But if they do decide to not release this movie, maybe leaking it could also save it. 

We need to keep the public outcry going. I am glad more people are stepping up and speaking out against these weird decisions. Looney Tunes is Warner Bros. most iconic IPs. They'd be looney NOT to release it! 

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