Tuesday, February 13, 2024

"Americans paid $30 Mill for it, it must be seen" High profile figures demand 'Coyote VS Acme' release



The pressure is on for Warner Bros to change its mind about the highly anticipated new Looney Tunes film 'Coyote Vs Acme' which was due for release in 2023, but shelved for tax purposes. To make matters worse, Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav hasn't even seen the final film when he made the decision. Fans complained, and Warner tried to sell the film, but were not happy with the offers from buyers such as Amazon, Netflix and Paramount. Paramount would have screened the film theatrically if they would have required it, but bizarrley  they all paid lower than the $70 million price offering. The film remains in limbo but there is still about 10 days left before we know its true fate. Many people online around the world are demanding David Zaslav and Warner Bros to reconsider and release the film. A lot of great people put their heart into it, it would be crazy for them to just shelve an iconic piece of Looney Tunes history and a completed movie.

According to Drew Taylor from The Wrap, Warner's idea to sell the film was not put in good faith as if another distributor had it and it was successful, it would make Warner Bros look embarrassed. But if they don't want to risk something like that why not just release it themselves?

The film is completed, and with VFX all done they could easily release the movie at any time. If it turns into a success, that could mean good news for WB. For whatever reason however they seem to be very reluctant to release it. They fear it would not succeed if it gets a theatrical release. How could they know this if they haven't even bothered to release the movie in the first place?

Now the controversy has escalated as higher law firms in the US are also speaking out against the decision to shelve the film. Consumer advocate Lisa McCormick said "Americans paid Warner $30 million for this movie so the public should be entitled to see it and not be treated like Wile. E Coyote.'  Joaquin Castro, meanwhile, a United States Representative said on Twitter that he's "spoken to the DOJ (Department Of Justice), and FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to do more about stopping film companies cancelling movies for tax write offs, as they are deemed "anti competitive, anti-worker and predatory." Recently, Oscar Winner DANIELS, director of the movie Everything Everywhere All At Once has publicly called on Zaslav to "Release the film and pretend this as good marketing". 

With only a mere 10 days left before we find out the true fate of the film, there still may be some hope of the film being released and saved from the chopping block, as Looney Tunes is such a popular IP. Coyote VS Acme is a family movie and would have starred John Cena, Will Forte and Lana Condor in a courtroom comedy. It would have been a nice change from all the boring superhero movies that just seem to get shoved down our throats these days.

All we can do now is continue to speak up and hope that our voices would be heard. Just recently the upcoming Spongebob spin off movie, Saving Bikini Bottom - The Sandy Cheeks Movie, was leaked on Twitter...er, X, months before its release. Some people are also hoping the same could happen to Coyote VS Acme as it's all completed. All we need is a hero distributor who can come in at the last minute and purchase the movie so we can all see it. Hopefully someone from the movie is sitting on a copy of it somewhere, and I hope one day it would be released to the public. I certainly hope t-t-t-t-that's not all, folks.

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