Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Azure Star release new album "Feel The Sun"



It's been 3 years since the last Azure Star album was released, 2021's "Light Years Away". Formed in the early 2000's, Azure Star are an electronic rock duo from Sydney, Australia and Florida United States. The group features Australian comedy rock musician Cameron Hons and American singer Shayne Thames on Vocals. They released their debut EP "A New Generation" in July 2008, and their first full length album "Azure World" in April 2009. "The Azure Star stuff we do is very different to my regular recordings, it's a lot of fun" says Cameron. 

The duo have released 6 albums over the years since their formation. 2009's "Azure World", and it took them 8 years to release their long awaited 2nd album, appropriately titled "Once In A Blue Moon" which featured a noticeably heavier direction than the first record. They went back to their familiar pop outings again for their third album, 2018's "Distant Sun", and turned the heavy back up for their 4th release, "Beyond Horizons". Then in January 2021, they released the anthemic "Light Years Away" album. "For the new album [Feel The Sun] I wanted to go back to our original roots. For those of us who first heard us in the early 2000's, they'd feel right at home with this new album." Cameron said. 

While it may take them some time to work on new albums, the efforts always pay off. Every album they've done has been quite an enjoyable experience to work on or listen to. The track 'Go With The Flow' originally came from the "Cameron's Playhouse 6: The Vengeance Of Voodoo Doctor" original soundtrack, which was released back in 2022. "It was during that time I felt like doing another Azure Star album." Said Cameron.

Even if you've never listened to them before, "Feel The Sun" is a great introduction album because then you'll go back to the first one and say "Wow, these albums are on the same page." With such a long time between the releases it still shows Azure Star work hard to deliver great albums and fantastic new songs. There is a great mixture of Vocal and Instrumental tracks once again for you to enjoy. Some of these songs feature the classic catchy hooks that you'd once remember or dark instrumental and experimental tracks. A fresh mixture of electronic rock, pop, funk and techno with a heavy 80's synth backdrop in between.

You can check out the new album "Feel The Sun" on the Official Azure Star Bandcamp page today. Feel The Sun was released February 7, 2024 on Digital and CD. 


"FEEL THE SUN" Tracklist

01. Running Out Of Time
02. Don't Give It Up
03. You Know What I Need
04. Dark Matter
05. Starbright
06. Go With The Flow
07. Feel The Sun
08. Wormholes
09. The Beat Goes On
11. Ready To Fight
12. Dusk

Shayne Thames - Vocals, Piano & Synths
Cameron Hons - Guitars,  Bass, Drums, Keyboards

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