Thursday, February 1, 2024

Sega Uses Green Hill Zone Again In Latest Trailer For Odd Remake Of A Remaster


Sega just dropped a new trailer for a bizarre remake / mash up which was rumoured to be in development for a while. The game is called SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS, which seems like yet another version of 2011's Sonic Generations. Previously it was ported to Xbox One X a couple of years ago along with Sonic Unleashed. After previously promising to move away from Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone levels, the promise lasted only a few months. Now Sonic Team are keen to remind  all of us that Green Hill Zone exists once again. In the new trailer, Green Hill Zone was used an abusive amount of the video until Shadow shows up and takes over the game, showcasing new levels from games such as Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow The Hedgehog.

While i'm disappointed that this isn't a full blown remaster of 2005's Shadow The Hedgehog, it is nice to finally see Shadow back in the spotlight after Sega have blindsided him this past decade. He also plans to make his own theatrical debut in 2024's Sonic The Hedgehog 3 which comes out in December. 

My question is, if Sega can get a remaster like this done - what is stopping them from doing a remake of Sonic Adventure & Sonic Adventure 2 like this? Is this a sign of things to come maybe? I am curious to see how it turns out and hopefully we can see more remakes like this of older Sonic games again in  the future, as classic Sonic gets way too much attention these days.

Check out the trailer below. Sonic X Shadow Generations is due out in Autumn 2024. Let's hope it doesn't contain as much graphical pop ins as Sonic Frontiers did.

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