Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Power Rangers - My Top 5 Red Rangers

This is it, the Red Rangers. Every season gives their Red Rangers a lot of attention because they are the center of the team, normally the leader, which made narrowing down to 5 picks very difficult. Nevertheless, I did my best, so click "read more" to read about them.

#5: Eric (Time Force)

Wes might be the more obvious choice from Time Force, but I think Eric was more memorable for a lot of reasons. First of all, he wasn't evil, but wasn't necessarily one of the good guys either as he was selfish and cold with only his own interests in mind for awhile; even to the point where he practically stole his powers. It was a nice change. Topping that, he had some of the best fights, weapons, and even lines in any season made him one ranger you did not forget.

#4: Andros (In Space)

Now here is a legend. The leader of what is arguably the best season of Power Rangers and the man to end to save the whole universe (with big help from Zordon). Andros is a lot of people's favorite ranger, and one that was given a lot of highlights including the first Battilizer and. So, why isn't he higher? Simple, acting was unimpressive. (I blame the directors not the actor.)

#3: Carter (Lightspeed Rescue)

A Firefighter turned ranger. Carter may not be a martial artist like his predecessors, but he has plenty of great moments. These include destroying a monster with a point blank shot that could have taken himself out too, trying to run over a monster with the rangers rover, and rescuing a kid from a burning building just before it explodes. Even a touching backstory where the mentor turns out to be the same firefighter that saved his life. The most savage ranger who saved lives with and without powers.

#2: Casey (Jungle Fury)

Spoilers! Casey is a more unique case. At first, he probably won't impress you as he starts out as the rookie of the group. But, by the end of the season, he more than earns his respect and proves himself as a true Red Ranger. His biggest moment of shine is when he risks everything to save Jarrod, the old bully who got possessed by the main villain that everyone else, including grand masters, had given up on. Not only was this noble, he got some epic fights along the way. Bold, strong, any doesn't give up on people.

#1: Jason (MMPR S1-S2)

I will admit, the original rangers have an unfair advantage and I tried my best to be unbiased about them and this is a very obvious pick. However, there is just no way I could deny the impact the original Red Ranger had of kids, including myself. He was an amazing martial artist, a great leader & friend, and the only one to come close to rivaling Tommy. He will never be forgotten.

The does it for my Red Rangers lists as well as all my rangers lists. Now, I did not include Tommy because I made a rule about 1 ranger only being allowed on 2 lists total. But, seeing as every Red Ranger had great moments, I can understand why you may think I should have included Rocky, Aurico, TJ, Leo, Wes, Alex, Cole, Shane, Hunter, Conner, Jack, Sky, Bridge, Charlie, Nick, Mack, Scott, Jaiden, Lauren, Troy, Tyler, Brody, Dane, Mick, Devon, or Zayto and I would love to know why. Thank you for reading my countdowns. Till next time, peace!

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