Sunday, January 26, 2020

Woodle Tree 2 Deluxe+(steam) - review

     What is up, my name is Octangle, a.k.a. The Orange Shard. I'm new, but I hope you enjoy the review.

  Woodle Tree 2 Deluxe+ is a 3D plat-former published on Jul 22, 2019. It is very reminiscent of Super Mario 64 and others in the genre. The game seems to be for younger audience, as it is E for everyone.


     There is a little bit of a story. It's nothing to dig deep into with it. A cloud shows up and steals water from some magical water and that kicks off your journey. These are used to revive the dead tree lord/god thingamajigs.

- Gameplay and Camera 

     The controls of the game are pretty basic. WASD is to move,etc. One of the more unique things in the game is if you right click, you put your leaf weapon above your head. This is a useful move for puzzle solving and also lets you glide. Controller is seemingly handcrafted for this game. On the other hand the camera is just a mess. When you glide the camera breaks, and there was one jump near the beginning of the game that I did at least 7 times before I landed it.

     The objective of the game is to collect rain drops. there are 3 per level. To get them you usually have to do a puzzle. There are fruit to be collected and they function like coins from Mario. They are mostly used for cosmetics, none of which are necessary.

- Art style and Graphics

     Alright, the art style is a Chibi art style. All of the characters fallow this style. The enemy's are all generic, even for an Indy game, the most they differ is how many hits they can take. Also, the graphics are, in my opinion, that of a PlayStation two's graphics. Because of this though, the frame rate is great.

-Final Thoughts

     This game wasn't terrible. It was not great game either. Woodle Tree 2 Deluxe+ gets a 6.5/10 from me.

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