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Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Number 41: The Door to Another World - Summary/Review

Forty first episode is here. It is the final stretch of this season so let's just dive into it.


The episode begins with the two Sentai teams getting along at the LupinRanger's Bistro while hinting that Tooma does not like this. Noël Takao is not here. Sucks to be extra rangers. Meanwhile, the leader of the Ganglers summons Destra and encourages him to rampage again. Cut to into! I feel like these are foreshadowing something.

One theme song later, Tsukasa comes across Tooma while he is bringing home groceries and Tooma calls her out on her investigation of himself, Kairi, and Umika. Tooma tells Tsukasa "don't concern yourself" which is pretty much a polite way of saying back off. However, this all interrupted by a surprise attack from Destra. Looks like the bad guy took the bait.

This fight begins with Tsukasa solo against Destra, but is quickly joined in by Noël Takao. However, the fight does not go well, Tsukasa gets knocked out of her ranger form right next to Tooma and the two end up getting blasted through a portal.

A portal to the Gangler's world.

Noël Takao gets defeated by Destra and is assumed dead by him. He's fine but has really gone down hill in skill since his debut episode. While Tooma and Tsukasa are left bloody, bruised, and with nowhere to run in the Gangler world. 

The remaining rangers on both teams go on searches for their disappeared comrades while Tooma and Tsukasa try to think of a way back home. Tooma can't change because he wasn't in his phantom thief costume so his identity is at stake, however he still helps Tsukasa in fights unmorphed because his comrades would be hurt if Tsukasa died. Awe, he does care. Tsukasa makes a comment that she should recruit Tooma for a special task force. Foreshadowing?

Keiichiro and Sakuya are next to get ambushed by Destra and sent to the Gangler world where they immediately encounter Zamigo. That's not good. 

Kairi, Umika, and Noël Takao all confront Destra in order to rescue the other rangers.

Destra puts up a good fight, even overpowers Kairi's super form. However, just before finishing off Lupin Red, Destra is attacked by the rangers from the other dimension who have escaped off screen. Don't ruin it, this was a good episode so far.

With the Patrangers joining in the fight things go much more in favor against Destra. The Lupinrangers attempt to steal his two gold safes only to discover they're empty and that he is just naturally that strong. They deliver a finishing attack using a combination of Lupin X's super form and the Patrangers fusion.

I almost forgot the Patrangers could do that.

However, Destra survives the attack dedicated to live up to Dogranio's standards. (Dogranio is the Gangler boss.) Destra summons 2 giant golems and retreats. Tsukasa is too injured to keep fighting so, only the Lupinrangers and Noël Takao handle the giant battle. 

The Patrangers haven't gotten to do any giant battles in a long time. This is there first episode where they served a major role in awhile and they still don't get the final battle. Probably because all of the new toys mechs have gone to the Lupinrangers.

These two Golems don't put up much of a fight. There is a joke about not being able to tell them apart only to realize that it doesn't matter because they are the same and both going to be defeated and that is the might point. As always, the giant battle was one-sided and uninteresting.

The episode ends with some set up for the next episode. First off, they reveal how they escaped the Gangler world; Zamigo let them go because of a grudge he has against Destra.


Also, Gauche once again offers to help Destra and it looks like he is going to accept this time. THE END!

Final Thoughts

This episode has a lame ending, but was overall pretty good. There was no monster of the week this time, instead the right hand man monster got to take the spotlight, and did a decent job. There was some strong dialogue, good fight scenes (minus giant one) and the episode was paced pretty well. However, if there is one nit-pick besides the bad final battle, it is that other then re-establishing the ranger's relationships with each other, nothing was gained in this episode. No new collection pieces, plot points, or really anything other than setting up for the next episode. If there is one thing this season has been bad about is having great build up for a two part episode and ultimately being a disappointment. Here is hoping that 42 does not continue that trend but for now, good episode. 4/5

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