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Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Number 43:The Man Who Came Back - Summary/Review

The final stretch of episodes continues. Last time one of the main villains were defeated and destroyed so now the ball is rolling for everything to wrap reach their climax. Click "read more" and let's see what happens next.


The episode begins by showing  doing late night research on the Global Police's computer whil the Lupinrangers are defeating a new Gangler named Tokageil in the day time only to discover that this Gangler has already had it's Collection Piece stolen. Implying day and night at the same time. 

Tokageil, a ninja lizard that always does what he is told

The Lupinrangers try to press Tokageil about who stole his Collection Piece when the Patrangers show up. The two teams get in a short fight which allows Tokageil to escape, so the thieves retreat as well. At this point, to Satoru makes a return to the Patrangers surprise. (If you're wondering who Satoru is, he was Sakuya's predecessor. As explained in THIS spin-off series special.) Cut to intro!

Looks like the Patrangers finally get another episode!

One theme song later, back at the Patranger's HQ, Sakuya is explaining who Satoru is to Noël Takao. I guess the spin-off isn't cannon after all because Noël Takao should already know who Satoru is. Hilltop states that Satoru has returned shortly for a special mission to Noël Takao's surprise. It is stated that while Noël Takao and Satoru are both from the French HQ, they were in different divisions so they never met. I give them points for avoiding a plot whole.

Elsewhere, Keiichiro and Tsukasa are having a heartwarming reunion scene with Satoru. During this time, they flashback to scenes from the spin-off special. So it IS cannon now? More importantly, Satoru states what his special mission is; basically, to find a spy.

Oh snap! 

A couple scenes later, Satoru is showing obvious suspicion to Noël Takao because of his friendliness towards the Phantom Thieves. Now, why on Earth would a cop be suspicious about that? On a side note, Tsukasa comments on Satoru eating the Chocolates he brought for everyone when she remembers him not liking sweets. That sounded like a pretty obvious foreshadow. Keiichiro and Satoru then step outside to talk about Noël Takao.

To summarize, the French HQ treats Noël Takao well because he created the VS changers, but his past is a mystery. There have been rumors about Noël Takao making deals with the Ganglers and Satoru tells Keiichiro not to let his guard down. Keiichiro wants to trust Noël Takao, but has doubts because of his work with the Lupinrangers. Something is going to get revealed in this episode.

Cutting away, Tokageil is given another Collection Piece to his delight.

That almost looks like a Phlat Ball.

A quick scene at the Ganglers HQ shows the leader and Gauche talking about Noël Takao in a positive way without giving any details as to what he did. The is episode really wants us to turn on Lupin/PatRan X.

The Lupinrangers find and attempt to capture Tokageil to learn about his stolen Collection Piece, however, with his new one he is able to inflate and bounce away. Before going, Tokageil reveals that Noël Takao gave him his new Collection Piece. It was hinted and then explicitly stated. Not the best writing. But, now both teams suspect Noël Takao which is good suspense.

Continuing the theme of singling out the extra ranger, back at the Patrangers HQ, Satoru shows evidence of stolen information from France's computers and Jim Carter reveals that Noël Takao has been using his computer.

All that is left, is being busted in action.

With no excuses left, Noël Takao draws his gun, fires on the Patrangers, and flees the scene. Keiichiro can't bring himself to fire at Noël Takao. So, Satoru takes his gun and goes after Noël Takao while Tsukasa and Sakuya go after the Gangler leaving Keiichiro frozen in place. I'd say pink and green got the lucky job there.

Now is a great time for the Lupinrangers to show up to corner Tokageil.

I kinda feel bad for this monster of the week. He never got a chance to do anything evil with all the fleeing.

The Lupinrangers henshin up and we a get a short but proper battle scene. Tokageil bounces around and gets some decent hits in, but then Kairi goes into his Super Lupin Red form and uses his future vision to shoot Tokageil out of the sky. Still overpowered ability. Tooma and Umika steal Tokageil's Collection Piece but they don't finish him off yet. First, the Lupinrangers question Tokageil again about Noël Takao but still refuse to believe he would give him that Collection Piece.

Now, Gauche shows up to reveal a secret. Noël Takao isn't human! Gauche used her scanning power on Noël Takao on an earlier episode and we finally get to see what she saw.

that heart though

Tokageil tries to sneak off during the confusion, but Sakuya and Tsukasa show up and finish him off with one of their VS vehicle finishing moves. They're super late. I almost forgot the Patrangers had any of those finishers.

Gauche turns Tokageil giant and Good Striker arrives to spaced out Lupinrangers. But, the Lupinrangers still get to do the giant battle and win with a garage of different attacks they've gathered. It's a pretty cool desplay of attacks, but this poor Gangler doesn't stand a chance at all. The Lupinrangers are in such a bad/down mood they don't even say "an eternal adieu". However, it is revealed that Good Striker knew Noël Takao wasn't human all along and is surprised the others didn't. Looks like he might not be a complete traitor.

Meanwhile, Satoru is still in hot pursuit of Noël Takao. After a parkour chase scene, Keiichiro shows up to try and question Noël Takao one last time. However, before Noël Takao can answer, he is chased off by Satoru. Time slows down for Keiichiro as he is lost in thought. The rain picks up and the episode ends on an uncertain note.

Final Thoughts

This episode was really good. The action and suspense never let up and both teams got ample screen time. This monster of the week was a joke, but it fit considering his role in the overall theme of this episode. Everything was building up a big secret to be revealed by Noël Takao, but that will have to wait until next episode. Until then, I will let this season enjoy one of its rare complete victories. 5/5

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