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How Warner Bros Could Release Coyote Vs Acme - A Guide


It's been a straight up bizarre year for animation in 2024. We got a terrible Megamind reboot that nobody wanted. We got Velma Season 2 that nobody wanted. Disney's The Ghost & Molly McGhee got cancelled, despite it still being quite popular. Oh yes, and there's probably the hottest talked about movie in town - Coyote vs Acme, a new Looney Tunes movie starring Wile E Coyote that everyone wants to see but Warner Bros are playing hard to get with. 

Firstly, back in 2023 Warner Bros CEO David Zaslav tried to shelve the film for tax write off purposes. This made a lot of people, including the actors, and current Looney Tunes voice over artist Eric Bauza really mad. The film is shot, completed and ready to go.

Warner Bros controversially axed 2 films before this..2022's Batgirl and Scoob 2 - Holiday Haunt. There hasn't been a animated Warner Bros film in cinemas since 2021's underrated Space Jam - A New Legacy.

While it's true that most Looney Tunes movies have had a mixed reception over the years, this one looks very appealing to a wide variety of audiences. It's been compared to the animation styles of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit', and stars John Cena, Will Forte, Lana Condor and Steven Ray Byrd. All who seemingly enjoyed their roles in this movie. The directors and crew look like they've put a lot of heart in the story, production and final product.

After the film failed to reach potential buyers earlier in this year, many fans rallied for the movie's release again with the Twitter Hashtag #ReleaseCoyoteVsAcme. A few weeks ago, writer Samy Burch claimed at the 2024 Oscars that Coyote vs Acme is still being test screened with potential buyers still being negotiated. I hope that this resolves to a positive outcome and the movie gets released. In the mean time let's look at some ways on how they could do this:

Release It In Cinemas

Coyote vs Acme originally planned to be released in July 2023 but was pushed off the schedule in replacement of Barbie, which ended up being a huge success for Warner Bros. Sadly, after a couple of months they announced the completed film to be shelved for tax write off purposes, angering many fans. When the film was first shopped around late last year, Netflix , Amazon and Paramount were all interested, but somehow ended up bidding lower than the $70 million price tag for whatever reason. It was reported that Netflix asked for $30 million, and Amazon asked for $50 million. The offers were a "take it or leave it" situation and many believed the first attempt of selling the film was done in bad faith. Paramount wanted to release the film theatrically and it's unknown what price they bid for. It would be great if it did get released in cinemas. All of the test screenings they've had for this movie have so far been overwhelmingly positive.

Drop It On MAX 

One odd reason why Warner Bros seem so reluctant to release Coyote VS Acme is because they think that it won't get back as much as it was paid for (the film's budget was just a modest $70 million), this is under the latest management with David Zaslav as CEO, as the previous Warner Bros CEO before he was replaced approved the project and the film is now finished. David Zaslav apparently hasn't even seen the film so his opinion on this isn't justified. They never even tried releasing it in the first place. If they are worried about it not making much back, then why not just drop it on MAX, Warner Bros Discovery's own streaming service? That way they wouldn't have had to lose out on so much money if the film under performed, and probably would have gained more subscribers on the struggling platform.

Release It On DVD Through Warner Archive 

Sometimes movies that have ended up being shelved get released years later for whatever reason. Warner Bros have their own 'Warner Bros Archive' shop where they release movies & tv shows straight to DVD & Bluray. I think this would personally be the best outcome for Coyote vs Acme, they could just release it through Warner Archive on DVD or Bluray. That way Warner Bros could save costs distributing the film theatrically, still get it released and get a lot of money back by people who buy the film physically, so it's a win-win situation. Warner Bros Archives releases movies & shows straight from the vaults anyway, so it would be perfect! I would love to own a physical edition of it.

Sell It To A Distributor That Wants It

For whatever reason if Warner Bros can't seem to figure out what to do with the movie, just give someone else the rights to the film or get someone to buy it for above the asking price. There's been no word on Universal or Illumination if they're interested in picking this one up. Talks with Netflix and Amazon had failed, i'm not sure what the outcome with Paramount was. For some reason, Apple and Sony seem to be uninterested in this film, which would help them out as both film companies have had a really bad start to the year with Apple's Argylle, a massive box office disappointment, and Sony's Madame Web which absolutely tanked at the box office. If that's not Karma I don't know what is.




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