Wednesday, December 22, 2021

My Top 5 Yellow Ranger Zords


Continuing on the Zord countdowns, allow me to list some Yellow power. Not too much to say on this one, there weren't many Yellow Rangers that stand out highly in my nostalgic mind. Not one of my favorite colors. Regardless, as an adult I have come to appreciate them more. As for the Zords, there are plenty to choose from this time so click "read more" and let's get this countdown started. Remember, one rule is no 6th or Extra Rangers. (Not that any have ever been yellow.)

5. Sabertooth Tiger (MMPR Season 1)

One of the original Dinozords and the trusted partner of the original Yellow Ranger Trini. While Zord is dated with its toy effects, it at least looks like a Zord that would be dangerous on its own. Design wise, this Dinozord is fairly simple, but at least tries to look cool with some designs on the side. While it spends most of its time as a right leg, the Sabertooth Tiger it a well trained kitty.

4. Dozer Driver (Operation Overdrive)

A vehicle Zord, a bulldozer to be exact. While Operation Overdrive gave very tittle screen time to individual Zords, I always think yellow when I think of a bulldozer while makes this design a nice fit. This vessel has 2 ways to fight on its own, a laser turret and a big shovel. Since the Rangers theme of this season was treasure hunters, some digging equipment is an obvious choice.  Could have been higher on the list if only some individual action was used.

3. Pterazord (Dino Thunder)

Kira's Pterodactyl is a noticeable upgrade from the original pink one in Mighty Morphin. Design wise at least. This Dinozord gave Kira the power to screech and served as the head of the Megazord.

2. Mystic Garuda (Mystic Force)

I have seen people debate on weather animal Zords and vehicle Zords are better, but they seem to forget there is a third option, humanoid Zords. I know, on average they are still animal themed, but it is anthropomorphic instead of a straight animal. Personally, I am not big on these because it feels redundant; 5 warriors on ground to 5 warriors bigger on ground. However, the Titan Zords are more like magical transformations than a mecha to pilot and each one of the Mystic Force Titans feels unique. Chip's Titan form is a favorite of mine because it looks fun to take that form with the wings. One more reason this is an underrated season. 

1. Cheetah Animal Spirit (Jungle Fury)

A Cheetah is the perfect Zord for a Yellow Ranger. How could it take so long to have one? Regardless, the animal spirits from Jungle Fury played a major role in the story and being a spirit instead of strictly a mecha, there was a lot of room to utilize it in combat. Jungle Fury's Spirit Animals are some of my favorites, and I have always thought Cheetahs were cool. But, remember, that is just my opinion.

Those are my picks for the Top 5 Yellow Rangers' Zords. There were many other good options so I understand if you do not agree. If so, leave a comment about your favorite Yellow Ranger Zords. Or, if you want to discuss it than join our Discord server. Till next time, this is Ghost Ranger, signing off. 

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