Wednesday, December 1, 2021

My Top 5 Blue Ranger Zords

Continuing the Zord countdowns, we are feeling blue today. It is honestly hard to choose out of the blue Zords because they rarely get spotlight episodes outside of their introductions. So, we are going to have to depend a lot on design for these choices, among other lists. Click "read more" to see my list.


  • No 6th or Extra Ranger Zords. 
  • One Zord per Ranger
  • Zord forms only.

5. Mountain Blaster (Turbo)

Normally I am not a big fan of vehicle based Zords even though I understand them from a writing perspective, but I got to love a monster truck. The kid ranger, Justin, got to drive a big blue monster truck way before he was old enough to drive and while these Turbo Zords don't get to do much individually besides provide transportation, it was at least a pretty cool design. Still, the limitations of lacking any combat abilities outside of forming the Megazord keep this choice at the bottom of this list. But, what kid would say no to driving this beast?

4. Blue Wolf (MMPR S3)

Back to the original Blue Ranger, Billy. His Triceratops was iconic but not too flexible, the Unicorn was a leg first and animal second, the Blue Shogun Zord was pretty good if not under used outside of Megazord, but I honestly got to give his Wolf Zord as my favorite Billy Zord. It was a very simple design, but it was our first wolf Zord and actually looked dangerous. This is very much a personal preference type of thing. I can understand anyone preferring one of Billy's other Zords, but I will stick with the good old Wolf.

3. Surging Shark (Wild Force)

I have always favorited the Wild Force Wild Zords because they have a lot of personality and are actually designed to have spotlight appearances as individuals. Granted, the shark is still fairly basic, but there is not a whole lot else they could have done to it. It is a Zord that will attack on its own and is loyal to the Blue Ranger Max. This Zord has a bite you do not forget.

2. Navy Beetlezord (Ninja Storm)

Now here is a vehicle Zord done fight, one that bug themed to boot. Bug themes are uncommon in Power Ranger/Super Sentai, most likely due to Kamen Rider being primarily bug themed. So, it is a treat when we do get some and this tank had some grip too it. Navy Beetlezord, along with its Crimson counterpart, got some great fights in before being relegated to just a piece of a few Megazords and they are some of my favorite giant battles in Power Rangers history.

1. Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode (Beast Morphers)

Now is this a Zord that looks like it has some fight to it. It helps that this Zord is actually a character, the Beast Bot Smash, but more than that it is one of the few times where a solo Zord that is not Red or 6th Ranger has a design that makes it look like a competent fighter on its own. Smash also loves his monkey puns, which are hit or miss but I enjoy a good pun. Say whatever you want about the season of Beast Morphers, but they at least had some of the cooler Zord designs in recent years.

Those are my top 5 picks for Blue Ranger Zords. Blue Rangers are sometimes the second in command, almost always second in roll call, but oddly never get a whole lot of attention. The same is true for their Zords sadly. Strange considering how popular the color blue is. Regardless, there were still as few good Zord designs in the mix. Do you disagree with my choices? I hope; share your favorite Blue Ranger Zords in the comments here or on our Discord server. Until next time, peace out.

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