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Kousoku Sentai Turboranger Ep. 2: Did You Guys See a Fairy!? - Summary/Review

More Turborangers. The first episode was mostly just a clip-show celebrating Super Sentai so, hopefully this second episode will gives us a proper introduction to this season. Click "read more" for my coverage.


Following the theme song, the episode begins before the first episode by actually showing how the villains were awakened. During a construction project, their big rock that imprisoned them was accidentally dug up. After this, the big rock immediately exploded open. 

A voice is trying to warn of Bouma Hundred Tribes' revival, but no one seems to be able to hear it. Eventually, the episode cuts to a high school were we meet some students that actually can. I assume this is the fairy the title is alluding too? 

Good thing they were all in the same class... I can't believe I am seeing something that makes less sense than "teenagers with attitude". 

Nobody but these 5 can hear the fairy voices cry for help and the teacher gets annoyed. Bouma is about to attack and the fairy tries to hurry the 5 students by floating pencils to stab them and pulling on their hair. That is some awful first impressions right there. The teacher throws these five students out of class and all of them get forcefully teleported to where the Bouma tribe has appeared. Now, the Bouma generals are fully revived and the situation is not to the fairies approval. Hey! Listen!

These villains are being introduced despite already being introduced in episode 1. But, I guess we are supposed to treat that clip-show as its own independent thing. 

The Bouma Tribes quickly take notice of the 5 students and try to kill them as they are running away. Just before taking an attack, that fairy gives the 5 students changers that will allow them to become Turborangers. Talk about being forced into the role. Really wish they would give the rangers some names.

Shockingly, the changers don't work and the five students are in trouble. Luckily, some guy in a silver lab coat drives up to get them out of there. Where did he come from? How did no one notice a big red driving up?

This man introduces himself as Dr. Dazai, the man who made the changer bracelets, and introduces the fairy voice as Shiiron. Dr, Dazai takes the 5 back to his place and shows them the story behind the Bouma Tribe. About 20000 years ago, humans and fairy lived together and were in a great war against the Bouma that ended with the latter being sealed away. However, this seal was broken due to the pollution caused by human advancements. This pollution is the cause of fairies dying and them not being able to maintain the seal anymore. Shiiron is the last fairy alive. Now, these 5 high school students are chosen to destroy the Bouma, despite literal armies failing to do so.

I would call this a generic backstory, but I need to remember this season came out before I was born so I really can't judge. Oh, what would Dr. Dazai say about the pollution today? 

The Bouma are using flying ships to try and revive their castle which would doom the Earth. So, the five students rush off into battle without asking why their changers didn't work. This plan, proves futile and the five students take constant blasts from the flying ships as well as the city that is now on fire. The five students are injured and unconscious, but the fairy Shiiron calls them all by name and wakes them up. Finally, they have names. 

Riki, Daichi, Youhei, Shunsuke, and Haruna all hear Shiiron's voice and actually manage to find her.

Oh pre-CG effects. You are always a sight to behold.

The rangers save Shiiron as she was stuck under a rock. Dr. Dazai then shows up with fairy glasses so he can also see Shiiron. He tells the rangers that they are the only 5 that can see or talk to fairies because they are the only ones that truly believe in her. Wait...

No, just no. There is no way we can be expected to believe that there are only 5 people on Earth that believe in fairies and all of them are classmates. There are probably cults that worship fairies out there. Also, how can Dazai not fully believe in Shiiron after looking directly at her?

Nobody questions this logic and the rangers are more determined than ever to fight. So, they rush towards the Bouma generals and declare battle, only to get hit by a surprise attack from the first monster of the week. Mad Flying Bouma Zulten!

Now, it is finally time to henshin!

It is a pretty basic transformation sequence. But, passable. 

With no explanation as to why the changers worked this time and not last time, our first ranger battle begins. The rangers face off against both Zulten and the generals and, interestingly, they are losing. Everyone is taking big hits and it is not until the Turborangers use a combination attack that they are able to gain the upper hand and destroy one of the Bouma. However, the shift in tide is really sudden.

After defeating the rock Bouma, the Bouma leaders summon more flying ships which prompts Dazai to come back and tell Riki about his car mecha, Turbo GT. This car can fly which leads to a dog fight.

Doc Brown would be proud

Several scenes of flying around and shooting lasers later, Riki manages to shoot down the enemies. However, the Turborangers hear some howling in the distance that Shiiron and Dazai identify as Sacred Beast Rakia. 

The episode ends here on a cliffhanger with and we can now confirm that the first episode was either non-cannon or takes place later. TO BE CONTINUED!?

Final Thoughts

This episode is a product of its time. It would be easy to call it cliche', but it is hard for me to say how "overused" the cliche' of a doctor recruiting super heroes was in 1989 Japan. Judging it by today's standards, it is not great, but harmless and okay. Action was plentiful, but characters were only just introduced with development saved for later episodes. There are a couple of unanswered questions, like why these 5 classmates are the only ones who can see/hear the fairy. (I know they said it was because they were the only ones who truly believed in fairies, but that is a hard pill to swallow.) Also, it still bothers me that the changers didn't work the first time they tried them and it was never explained why. However, these are just nit-picks.

If you are looking to only watch historically relevant Super Sentai from the 80s and 90s, this one you can skip after the first episode. From here on out, I can predict that it will be a pretty standard season. This was only the 13th incarnation and feels like it is part of a phase where the creativity was dry. With a theme of cars and high school students, how out there could we really have expected? 3/5

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