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Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Number 51: I'm Sure We'll Meet Again - Summary/Review

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This is it! The final episode! Last time, the Lupinrangers achieved their wish and their battle was over. However, they are trapped and unable to aid the Patrangers in their final battle against the gangler leader Dogranio. Everything is up to the Global Police now. Click "read more" and let's put this season to a close.


The episode begins mostly with a recap before continuing on where the last episode stopped. Dogranio taunts the Patrangers about their predicament while the Lupinrangers try to think of a way out of Dogranio's safe. Even the intro is cut short, Kairi blasts it away. Ultimately, it is clear there is no escape from the safe and the Phantom Theives only hope is if the Patrangers can defeat Dogranio. Which, appears to be a lost cause.

Back inside the safe, the Lupinrangers discuss the situation. They quickly realize that the Patrangers can't afford to waste time opening Dogranio's safe because the peace of the world outweighs their lives. But, they still smile, accepting their fate knowing they saved their loved ones.

Oh how little faith they have in the police. Guess that's why they became phantom thieves in the first place.

Outside, the battle seems fruitless. The Patrangers have been knocked out of henshin and Noël Takao is trying to get to Dogranio's safe, but the chains around it are said to be unbreakable. 

Goodstriker is on the move. He has gone to the collection piece room to try and find someway to save the Lupinrangers. Once there, he runs into Kogure.

This is the first time we see this room. I always thought that Kogure's book acted like one of those safes.

Back in the city, everything is on fire. The Patrangers, beaten and limping, challenge Dogranio once again. Dogranio traps the 4 rangers in a black web and is about to finish them off with flying spike rocks, but then he powers disappear. Also, new Lupin Collection Pieces being appearing in the room with Kogure and Goodstriker. Turns out, Kairi, Tooma, and Umika have begun gathering the Collection Pieces inside of Dogranio's safe and transporting them using Kogure's book.


A quick flashback reveals that Kogure gave Kairi that book or Collection ledger. When did that happen? Also, where was he carrying it? They proceed to transfer every last collection piece, including their VS Changers, which leaves Dogranio, still strong, but not invincible. More so, they did this so that Noël Takao could have his wish granted even after Dogranio is defeated. 

Meaning this wasn't an escape plan. The Lupinrangers still believe they will die in that safe.

Now, it is time for a counterattack. The Patrangers henshin, do a helmet-less role call, and the battle begins. The Patrangers even get to use the fancy upgrades that the Lupinrangers got.

To be fair, Noël Takao could have super formed his Patran X form at anytime. He just favored his Lupin X form.

Most importantly, with Keiichiro's Super RatRan Ichigou form, he can cut through Dogranio's chains. Funny enough, Keiichiro is using the Super Lupin X form and Noël Takao has the Super Lupin Red form. Keiichiro and Dogranio get in a blast beam battle that Keiichiro wins. However, Dogranio lives thanks to his chains but is down and unable to fight back. But, he still refuses to let his safe open.

With the safe still sealed, Commander Hilltop gives the order to destroy Dogranio after saying he will take the responsibility for the Lupinrangers deaths. Well dang. The Patrangers all freeze and contemplate what to do. They all have flashbacks of heartfelt conversations with the Lupinrangers that mostly involved talking about protecting and saving people. Keiichiro slowly walks towards Dogranio. He's dragging his feat as if fighting every step. With tears in his eyes, Keiichiro points his blaster at Dogranio's head.

Inner vision

The screen goes black, and a blaster shot is heard. And that is that.

One year time skip.

A year passes, life returns to normal for the city. The Patrangers have soared in popularity and it shows the Lupinrangers lost loved ones have returned to their lives but haven't forgotten them. Most interesting though, Dogranio is not dead but has become a prisoner begging for death.

There is still 8 minutes left in the episode, so there is no way they would have ended things there.

Gangler crimes are drastically down, but they still exist. That's kinda shocking. So, there is actually a new monster of the week.

This Gangler has the final collection piece, a messaged given to the Patrangers by some surprise guests.

They're alive!

Yup, the Lupinrangers escaped thanks to Jackpot Striker.

Jackpot Striker is a counterpart to Goodstriker that has not appeared since the movie. A flashback to said movie reminds the audience that Jackpotstriker can control Ganglers from inside their safes. Also, Jackpot Striker was able to help  because he was captured by three new Phantom Thieves.

The Lupinrangers lost loved ones returned the favor. Noël Takao trained them. I will admit, that was a pretty cool twist. 

However, the tearful reunion of rangers is disrupted by the realization that Kairi, Tooma, and Umika will remain as Phantom thieves in order to collect the last of the Lupin Collection, including the Patranger's equipment. But, the Patrangers need their weapons to deal with the last of the Ganglers without any collection pieces. 

Now, everyone henshins, and we get a classic three way battle while the credits role over it. But, inbetween punches, the two teams exchange a few friendly waves. With that, the status quo is returned and the series comes to an end. With no giant battles? Most likely, this will be wrapped up in a movie.

One last theift

Final Thoughts

This episode was great, but had an open ending which I am not a fan of. There were impressive twists and for a little while it was uncertain as to what would happen. The ending did not show an end to the Ganglers or Dogranio, and the two teams are still at battle. However, it did tease a 4 part special that may answer some questions. Also, there are a couple more movies left. Judging this episode by itself, it was really good. Open endings are a controversial topic, so I will that up to you if it is better this or a more traditional ending. Although, there was not any giant battles for the last 2 episodes, which is surprising. Overall, this was one heck of a ride and I'm glad I got to watch it. 4/5

There was no passing on the torch scene, but they did play the preview for the next season.

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