Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Ghost Ranger - 5 Games I wish I liked

I already talked about unpopular opinions, but this one is a bit different. There have been times when I come across a video game that seems really good but I just cannot get into. But, it is different than simply being a game that does not appeal to me, they are games that seem like they should appeal to me and I get impressed with, but for whatever reason I just never feel like playing even though they sound great. Click "read more".

5. Power Rangers - Battle For the Grid

This is a game everyone expected me to be hyped for when it was announced. I even reviewed it. Honestly, I don't dislike this game and I can understand why anyone, including myself, would enjoy it. I love Power Rangers, the comic story, and it is a really solid fighting game similar to Street Fighter. First issue, the story is heavily abridged from its source material so it is more for existing fans of the Boom Studio comics than newcomers. Biggest problem is simply that I am not really into tournament fighters. There was a point in my life where I did get heavy into one on one fighters, but now I just cannot get absorbed into the genre and kind of stink at them now. With that problem, I could not even get far into this game without turning the difficulty down and without challenge or a full fledged out story than the game cannot hook me. Like all these titles to come, I wish I could get into this game but I cannot.

4. Uncharted:

I used to be a huge Naughty Dog fan from Crash Bandicoot to Jak and Daxter. When they moved to Uncharted, I completely missed out on it. No reason, just never got a copy until at least 3 titles were out. When I finally played it, I found it dated bad. Platforming was basic, gun combat does not control great, and the story is just Tomb Raider meets Indiana Jones. However, Drake is a bit obnoxious, but I kind of liked playing him for that reason alone. It is honestly fun to see these organized criminals taken down by these goofballs with skills. I just wish the gameplay was more fun or that I could get invested enough to overlook it.

3. Saints Row

This is a series were I don't believe myself. I love sandbox games and super hero sandbox, so what about this does not hook me? There is clearly a lot to love about it and I love it when games go over the top. Maybe the issue is it is inconsistent with how real or crazy it is or that I just don't like the characters. Honestly, I think it is just a case of too much of a good thing. I don't want to play criminals who are actually above the law and seem to have unlimited resources and later super powers. I guess it was just more than I could handle.

2. Far Cry

I honestly don't understand myself why I cannot get into the Far Cry games. They check so many things I love in games; open world RPG shooter, liberating the map, beautiful visuals, tons of side quests, and plenty to collect. So, what's the problem? Everytime I try to sit down and play any title I quickly lose interest. Maybe it's the lighting, maybe I'd prefer 3rd person, but I also wonder if it because it is actually too good that it bores me. Everything about the game feels good, safe, done well, but I cannot call it boring because it has plenty of dramatic crashes, explosions, and chase scenes. No way I'd call these bad games, but I guess they are just so good to the point they are not interesting to me. Hard to explain, even to myself.

1. Valkyria Chronicles

It hurts my heart that I cannot get into these games. They are anime style in a way I love; as in I love the characters, world, and art style. On top of that, it's a Sega RPG that feels like a spiritual successor to Shining Force which is one of my favorite series. I have tried on a few different occasions to get into this game and the same thing always happens, I like the characters, I like the gameplay, the story, the characters are charming, and the story is a war story that is nothing crazy but gets me investigated enough. So, what's the problem? It picks up way to fast. First few battles happen and there are just a few of you, giving you the impression that you will be a small force that slowly builds into an army. But, one series of cutscenes later, all of a sudden you are enlisted and have 30ish allies to form a squad with all with unique personality and designs and you are given a ton of tutorials about battle tactics, choosing a party, and a number of different mechanics. I would have been fine with all of this was introduces a bit at a time like most RPGs, but it feels like it happens all at once out of nowhere. At this point, I get too overwhelmed to continue, but I have heard the difficulty spikes afterwards which makes scenes given everything introduced.
Truly, I wish I could get into this, maybe if I was pressed I could just breath, make myself learn the mechanics, and get heavy into this game and possibly its sequels have improved on this issue. It is honestly humiliating to me personally that I let myself get so overwhelmed by a game that feels so much like my own element.

Maybe someday I can wise up and enjoy these titles for what they are if for no other reason than my own nerd pride. If you have similar stories, leave a comment or reach out on Discord. Until next time, this is Cendoo the Ghost Ranger of Emerald Rangers, signing off.

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