Friday, August 25, 2023

Tiger Claw Radio #461 - Goodbye Charles


  1. Oh man, I just randomly pulled Terry Funk’s name out of the blue for that comment, so weird that he passed away not long after. I guess I better not mention any more celebrities in the comments. Yikes.

    I had all of the same concerns you did about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game, so I used XBOX Game Pass Ultimate to cash in on a one month’s rental of it. I don’t want to say too much about the game because I don’t want to ruin it for you, but I think you’ll like it. You can tell right away that it was made by the Friday the 13th people.

    I think you said you’re getting a new computer later this year? I believe that there will still be a strong community around 6 months from now, and probably longer.

    Best of all there’s no politics or generators to be found, just sweet chainsaw deaths!

  2. I dont really care for voice actors mostly, but I liked the funny tone you took. I saw the Texas Chainsaw game, Im happy they get another chance at a multiplayer horror game, the few times I managed to get to play Friday the 13th was pretty cool, since the killer just did one thing: Hunt the other players. No hooking players on hooks where they could escape etc. It felt more like what a slasher style horror game should be. Ive seen some other games in the DbD style and they looked okay to terrabad, but the problem would be low player count and no bot support, which is a problem which small, old or obscure multiplayer games. 90 percent of players are playing Fortnite and CO, or the latest Memegame etc, so even if a game like this could be cool there usually wount be enough players. Unless a specific niche is not yet oversaturated, like the horror multiplayer genre. FF8 was a game I thought was to complex until Swingle tought me what is important in the system. Yes it is a weird system, but It was great once you understood that how it worked and could exploit it. You could junction spells and gain immunity to debuffs if you had 100 of the spell, which was very important for enemies like Marlboro (Yes you heard right its a "smoking is bad" themed monster). Level scaling was annoying, but it became about junctioning everything to the point where it didnt matter much. Its also interesting that limitbreaks depended on the items/junctions you equipped and also how low your health was, then doing the minigame well. I remember at the final boss staying low on health, only sometimes healing Squall, so you can do his gunblade limitbreaks. They tried something different, like with Final Fantasy 5 and alot of people didnt like it. I feel for me its like a playing a harder older Western CRPG like Wizardry 6 or Might and Magic, and learning the system then exploiting it. Its not as chill of a game where you can just grind to victory, its a different style of game which I do enjoy at times. I agree with Hemwrac with the Triple Triad game, exactly for the rules changes you have to keep track of. Might and Magic 7 and 8 had Arcomage which was great. It wasnt about collecting the cards, it was about beating every tavernkeeper in the realm. There were houserules in every one of them yes, but they were specific for the tavern. Fallout New Vegas had Caravan which was also better. OC Remix has some cool shit on there, even my brother made a Jazzy Mega Man 3 remix ages ago. Anyway that is all, keep on rolling broski.


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