Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Sonic Symphony World Tour Announced

Sega have announced that the popular Sonic Symphony live event will be going on tour during 2023 and 2024 around the world. So far there are only 2 shows confirmed, Los Angeles and England. That's not very much of a world tour. But further dates are expected to be added in the future.

The orchestral & rock concert celebrated a wide variety of Sonic the Hedgehog's ever loving back catalogue of music. That's the good thing about Sonic. Even if the games are bad the music is still pretty great. 

It looks like the Symphony will be a mixture of orchestral performances accompanied by a rock band. No,  it's not Metallica S&M on crack, but Sonic has also had a lot of great rock songs over the years. Unfortunately later games tend to go to the electronic - EDM genre of music and Jun Senoue, Sega's veteran Sonic guitarist hasn't composed a main Sonic game since 2019 (Team Sonic Racing) although he has performed guitar for & composed some final boss themes for Sonic Forces (2017) and Sonic Frontiers (2022), but it appears that it will somehow involve fan musician Nate Wants To Battle who is basically a discount Crush 40. 

Check out the trailer of the Sonic Symphony World  Tour below

Hopefully soon they would bring this tour to Australia. We have an Opera House here. It would be perfect for it. 

Check out the original Sonic Symphony live stream event for Sonic's 30th anniversary here!



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