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Ranking all Final Fantasy X Party Members from Worst to Best for Extra Content


Originally a Playstation 2 game from 2001 then later part of an HD collection, Final Fantasy X is a game with a lot more depth and content than one might originally think. But, this is not a review of the game, but since I had so much fun doing this for Persona 4, I have decided to rank every party member in this game based on my own personal experience of hundreds of hours. Please note this is purely my opinion, click "read more" to begin.

Before beginning, it is worth pointing out that there is a drastic difference between simply playing through the story of this game and tackling all of the extra content. On a casual playthrough it does not matter too much who you use in your party. Everyone has a type of enemy they specialize in defeating and can be leveled enough to fair against the main bosses. So, I am going to focus on the extra content as it requires a great deal more strategy and preparation. Seymour doesn't count. 

#7 - Kimahri

I hate putting this loyal Ronso at the bottom of the list because he is one of my favorite characters, but his contribution to combat is a gimmick. He has the ability is to copy skills from specific enemies and those abilities become Kimahri`s overdrives. Sadly, most of those skills, while cool and decently useful enough against common fiends, they fall short from what one would hope for in an Overdrive attacks or support effects. As far as builds go, Kimahri is meant as a flexible ally; beginning in the center of the sphere grid and able to go any build route. However, the old issue of being a "jack of all trades and a master of none," and that sums up Kimahr`s problem. He is the only one without enemies specifically designed to be defeated by him and everything he can do someone else can do better. For the secret bosses, he is really only good as an extra damage sponge.

#6 - Lulu

Lulu is someone who is very useful for a casual playthrough but falls out of favor when going after the bonus content and secret bosses. She is the blackmage and the go to for elemental magic attacks which makes her vital for many battles. However, since most of the secret bosses are immune to elemental damage and by the time your team can challenge them everyone can pretty much attack anyway so what is more important is unique support and multiple attacks. Problem is, Lulu`s only Overdrives are casting a magic attack multiple times. Again, since elemental attacks are not useful against the extra bosses than that really only leaves Ultima which causes instant counters. Complimented by the fact that Lulu`s ultimate weapon is the hardest to get, she will be hard to make use of.

#5 - Auron

Just like Lulu, Auron is one of the better allies for a casual run, but loses his edge when it comes to the bonus content. At this point, he is still not bad, and his tornado Overdrive can at least get 2 party hits with neutral damage. Sadly, 2 is where he maxes out. When everyone is dealing max damage, quantity is more important because quality damage is not longer a factor. Simply put, not the ideal choice, but can at least be switched in and do some damage.

#4 - Tidus

How incredible, the main character you play and one of the two protagonists. He intently has an advantage for being able to fight underwater. Also, the Slice and Dice Overdrive can hit multiple times for max damage each. those seem like simple traits but they really are very important contributions towards clearing the bonus content. Eventually, everyone can break damage limit and do 99999 damage from any attack which makes those who can do multi hits a huge asset, 

#3 Wakka

This one is really simple, same benefits as Tidus of being able to fight underwater and having an Overdrive that can hit multiple times. But, he also has the benefit of distance attacks and his Attack Real Overdrive can potentially hit 12 times which is a massive help against the secret bosses with insanely high HP. A good solid go-to comrade.

#2 - Rikku

Rikku is someone very easy to overlook and is highly under rated. She is the opposite of Lulu and Auron, not really needed in a casual play but almost mandatory for the extra content. The third and final party member that can fight underwater, but that is the least of her benefits. It all comes down to her Overdrive Mix because this makes her the ultimate support ally. There are attacking combinations of items, but they can ignored. More importantly, there are healing mixtures that cover the whole party, and most importantly are the buff mixtures. With the right combination of items, she can give the whole party a huge buff in all stats, haste, and Auto-Life all in a single turn. Given how hidden bosses have a habit of using team wipe skills, it cannot be understated how much Rikku can help and be a deciding factor in many battles.

#1 - Yuna

The second protagonist and the true main character of this story. She is the best for both casual play and extra content simply because she is the summoner. Unlike Final Fantasy games prior, summons are not just attacks but controllable allies that can fight for you, Five summon Aeons from the main story plus another 3 from extra missions. Even if power creep makes one of the summons outclassed by a secret boss, they can still absorb a team wiping skill for your party which can save you from an instant loss. Being a natural White mage does not hurt either. I guess technically it is her summons and not Yuna herself that are the best, but the two are a package deal.

Those are my picks for the best allies to use post game. Even the worst can still be rotated in temporarily to take a few hits and absorb some damage. But, if you disagree and there is any factor I missed, please let me know either in the comments of this article or join our Discord page. Until next time, this is Cendoo the Ghost Ranger, signing off. 

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