Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Lucky Star Episode 1: The Girl Who Dashes Off - Summary/Review

Growing up watching anime I have often been asked what my favorite is. While I grew up with the likes of Dragon Ball Z, Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, and later Naruto, the answer to my favorite as been a simple little anime named Lucky Star. A simple comedy/ slice of life aime from 2007 based on a 4 panel comic script. So, just for fun and to feel good in nostalgia, I`m gonna cover this series. Click "read more" and let's begin with the first episode.


Normally I would do a full analysis for this type of article, but this type of anime does not need that. It opens with Konata Izumi, (the short girl with blue hair) winning a track race at school and showing off that she is naturally gifted at shorts. When asked by Tsukasa (short haired purple haired girl) why she does not join any sports, Konata states because team practice would interfere with prime anime time. 

Only the main 4 for now. Kagami, Tsukasa, Miyuki, and Kontata.

The rest of the episode consists of the 4 girls ramble talking about how they eat a variety of different foods, being home sick, and just showing off the 4 of their different personalities. Konata is an mischievous otaku with a good heart but still teases her friends, Tsukasa is sweetheart but not too smart, Kagami is a more mature person but gets angry easiest, and Miyuki is the smart, tall, attractive one who is also a klutz but is blissfully unaware of her own good traits.

At the end of the episode we get to meet 2 other characters Akira Kogami and Minoru Shiraishi (the one boy), and their segment called Lucky Channel.

Akira is an idol who fakes a nice personality but turns bitter at the drop of a hat. Minoru is her assistant and a bit of a nervous pushover. They read one viewer mail that asks about Akira's income only for her to turn bitter and go on a tangent about her parents possibly stealing all of it. It is a very quick segment and seems to exist outside the reality of the main show as the two of them refer to the episode as if it were an in-universe show.

The credits role and we hear the 4 main girls singing karaoke of another anime's theme song.

Final Thoughts

This episode is a prime example of how laid back and wholesome this anime is. It does not need some big plot, magic, fighting, or even erotic scenes, just friends rambling on about everything and nothing in a way that is completely relatable. Any group of friends who have known each other a long time will often have talks that frequently change the subject and do not really mean anything; which I love. At its heart, this anime is an inoffensive comedy and gets laughs from being relatable. At one point, 3 of them are talking about eating a popsicle and the struggles of getting the last bit without dropping half. Something like that can and probably has happened to a fair amount of people watching this. Sure this episode does not do anything ground breaking as far as anime goes, but it does not need to nor tries to. Happy, harmless, wholesome, and funny. Sometimes that is all you want. 5/5

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