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Power Rangers Dino Force Brave King 12: Eternal! Power Rangers Dino Force Brave - Summary/Review


This is it, the final episode of this mini-series. It came from Korea but worked its way into the Super Sentai timeline. We got the classic setup, the Red Ranger is in danger, the main villain is getting stronger, and the fate of the world rests on this one final battle. So naturally, it is all up to the 6 Rangers because no other team can be bothered to save the world twice. (Unless it's for an anniversary.) Enough silliness, click "read more" and let us bring this all to a close.


The episode begins with action immediately as Juhyeok breaks into the NeoDeboss ship and goes on a rampage to try and free Juyong. This quickly leads to one final duel between Juhyeok and Raimein; however, the Gold Ranger has new found drive thanks to his comrades trust and is able to overpower and destroy Raimein with his own weapon.

Dang that was brutal. Raimein didn't even get a one-liner last word. 

With that, all of the NeoDeboss Commanders are gone leaving only the leader Deizarus left. Juhyeok rushes over to where Juyong is being absorbed and slices through the tentacles draining him. The two Rangers have a heartfelt moment where Juhyeok finally admits to being Juyong's older brother also admitting it was all in attempt to protect Juyong from NeoDeboss. Deizarus rises to his feet and swears revenge, the two brothers have a slow motion morph, and the stage is set for the final battle.

I'm getting some In Space and Gokaiger flashbacks seeing this.

Deizarus fights desperately, but is overwhelmed by the Red and Gold Rangers' combination attacks.

Deizarus takes a hit and the two Rangers flee the ship. However, they are attacked by a now giant Deizarus who has combined with his ship. The Rangers are nearly shot out of space, but make a desparate retreat towards Earth where the remaining 4 Rangers are ready to assist them. Now, it is a sky battled between the Raiden Dinosaur Combination and a much larger Deizarus fused with his ship.

It was kind of weird, Deizarus was giant for a moment then he shrunk back down to fuse with the front of his ship that took this skinny Gundam like design.

All the Rangers unleash their Brave and Juyong is able to tap into the Dino King Power which turns their Megazord golden. With this new power, the Rangers smash right through Deizarus, defeating him, and NeoDeboss is no more. The Rangers have won.


The fighting is over and the Rangers rejoice with Candelilla and Luckyuro. Torin returns to the afterlife now that the battle is over. All the Rangers return their jackets and equipment while announcing their return to normal life. Everyone hugs goodbye, fade out, and the credits role signally the end of the story.

However, after the credits, Juhyeok and Juyong appear one more time for the send-off into the next season.

If you are wondering, Power Rangers Animal Force is just the Korean dub of  Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger

Final Thoughts

This ending was good but a little underwhelming. Not sure why the Gold Ranger was left out of the goodbye, but I guess he never got the chance to settle in as part of the group. The Dino King Power was only used once and never truly explored; which is a shame considering it was the villains main motivation. 

Still, while simple, this ending was like the whole season, simple but a lot fun. This whole season is a nice way to re-capture some love for the Power Rangers/Super Sentai franchise. It very much feels like a companies first time out and there was a lot of cutting things short due to the 13 minute/12 episode format, but there is clear effort behind this season to make something great. These events even made it into the Super Sentai timeline, re-dubbed in Japanese as Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave. So, despite all the corners that had to be cut, this short series was a lot of fun and I recommend it. 4/5

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