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Power Rangers Dino Force Brave King 11: Which one is Real?! King of Dinosaurs - Summary/Review


The second to last episode. This is the time for the season to wrap up any loose ends in order to not interfere with the finale. No predictions this time, click "read more" and let's take a look.


Following a quick recap and the theme song, this episode begins on the NeoDeboss' ship where the 3 remaining members make plans to capture Red Dino believing him to be the true holder of the Dino King Power. At the same time, back at the Spirit Base, Torin explains the Dino King Power to be an inheritance of the Warrior who held the greatest Brave and all the Rangers realize they are after Juyong now. Wasting no time, NeoDeboss makes their move with a giant Homuras in the city and Raimain attacking elsewhere. Juhyeok calls the Rangers saying he will fight Raimain while the rest should go after Homuras. Now the battles begin.

The edge all 6th Rangers have is that they are equipped to fight solo while the core Rangers only truly function as a team.

Both fights rage on simultaneously. The Rangers appear to have the upper hand but Homuras and Raimain refuse to stay down. Raimain is seemingly defeated after take Gold Dino's finishing blow, but it was just a diversion so that Deizarus could get ahold of Juhyeok

You almost never see a main villain come to the aid of their underlings.

Juyong can scenes his brother is in danger, but the other Rangers convince him not to rush to him because he is the real target of NeoDeboss. Luckily, the 5 of them stay and defeat Homuras who swears NeoDeboss will prevail before exploding. I admire villains that have genuine loyalty to their leader.

Back to Deizarus, Juyong rushes to his brothers aid with the other 4 not far behind. Unfortunately, Juyong takes a huge blast from Deizarus before Jeon, Sechang, Lee, or Yun can reach the fight and the 4 of them get slowed down by the Zorima. Juyong is now injured and Deizarus forces his Dino King Mark to appear through pain.

Poor Red Ranger. At least the Gold had the mark on his neck and not the belly. 

From here we have the typical series of events when things go wrong. The Rangers finish off the grunts but are not able to stop Juyong from being captured. Everyone gasps, sad music plays, the good guys are all in a panic and the Red Ranger is chained up onboard the NeoDeboss ship. Both Torin and Deizarus reveal the plan for Deizarus to siphon the Dino King power for himself which will allow him to blow up the Earth Frieza style and rule the universe with massive power. 

Yuck! That's the creepiest thing I've seen anyone do in a Toku show since the Terror Toad ate the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Back at the Spirit Base, everyone is worried as they have no way to board NeoDeboss' ship. Juhyeok volunteers to go to the ship since his Pteravolt can fly and confesses he was only pretending to have the Dino King power to confuse NeoDeboss. How did he fake that? The Rangers all decide to trust Gold Dino and the episode ends with him flying into space. TO BE CONTINUED!

Final Thoughts

This episode was everything it needed to be in order to build up the series finale. The stakes are raised, the action was great, all the mysteries and plotlines are coming together, it was a good time. There are some nit-picks. First off, they had that scene where they convinced the Red Ranger not to rush off to help gold only for him to immediately do that a scene later. Second, how was Gold Dino able to fake the Dino King power? I would understand it if it was just a mark and he bluffed the power, but he clearly used it in past episodes. Lastely, this has been an insure for most of these last few episodes, it seems that only Red and Gold get to have character beyond their tropes or plot dialogue. Still, non of that really killed the flow of things and this season has never had time for filler or non-vital scenes so I can excuse some cut-corners. Overall, it feels like this series will end on a high note. 4/5

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