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Cameron's Playhouse Season 8 - The Newest (And Best?) Season


Fans of the long running off-the-wall & absurd parody of a children's educational television series, Cameron's Playhouse will be pleased to know about the show's return for an all new 8th Season. Throughout March, Cameron has been working very hard on filming all the 10 brand new episodes. 

For those that don't know what the show is all about, Cameron's Playhouse began in 2008 as an online webseries that went from the early stages of Youtube, straight to DVD, and then in the later years, to Bluray and now also in 4K devices. Before things like Facebook and Twitter were immensley popular, Cameron's Playhouse viewers engaged throughout the show on internet Forum websites. The show even predates Twitch which runs on a similar formula but in a live format. However, Cameron's Playhouse isn't live. It was made for TV.

Fans loved the show's irrelevent and nonsensical humor that will certainly get the show cancel-cultured if it was on a commercial network. Says Cameron, "I think the internet back then was a much different place than it is now. Back then everybody loved the meme stuff. People would send in fan mail to me all the time. They liked seeing my responses of their letters on the show". The show also includes many other activities such as Story Time, (where Cameron reads a book), Art To The Extreme (which is a short art-related segment), 'TV Time' (where Cameron watches TV because he's got nothing better to do for the rest of the episode), of course 'Cameron's Fan Mail' (where Cameron reads & responds to audiences' mail letters) and more. There are many different characters mostly played by him & his other friends on the show.

Last year was a busy year for the show as the 6th movie 'Cameron's Playhouse 6: The Vengeance Of Voodoo Doctor' was made. This was determined to be the final main film of the series. Could Season 8 be the final main season of the show? What made him decide to do another season?

"It all came down to being bombarded by a couple of online trolls and the odd stalker, who kept on going on about what they thought of this, what they thought of that, how they thought I shouldn't make shows anymore, etc". Says Cameron. "So I decided to do a new series due to this inspiration, and it was the 15th anniversary of the show anyway." The last season was recorded & released in 2020, and it was also an enjoyable one as well. 

Fans loved the show's irrelevent and nonsensical humor that will certainly get the show cancel-cultured if it was on a commercial network.

For Season 8, however, this is the first season of the show to be filmed entirely in native 4K. "We've filmed a few of the most recent movies in 4K before, but never the series in full." exclaims Cameron. "Season 7 was filmed in 1080p 60fps. Season 8 is filmed in true 4K 60fps. My phone is a Google Pixel 4a which has 4K filming support. I've been filming the last few movies on it. This time it's the series turn."

The show's popular co-host, mad scientist Dr. Steven Jefferson, explaining something that Cameron already talked about in a previous scene. A common gag for each episode. 

The new season promises to go back to the classic roots of the show, from say Season 1 (2008) and Season 2 (2009). "Last season we went out and did a whole bunch of great adventures and had a really fun outdoorsy production. This time, I want to go back to the roots of being close to the Playhouse once again where the original show first began.". Cameron also plans to bring back a few fan favourite & classic characters that hadn't been seen for a while since the earlier seasons. Of course people like PC Bob, the bumbling police man, Chris Sanders the Gardening Show Host, and Dr. Steven Jefferson are back, we may see a few more older surprise characters that people might remember.

The new season promises to go back to the classic roots of the show, from say Season 1 (2008) and Season 2 (2009).

"I always seemed to enjoy working on the shows more than the movies." Says Cameron. "The movies are fun but they take a load of work. I'm often working on the movies for half of the year. Where as for the seasons, i've been in more control. I have more breaks, I can film whenever I like and get the whole show done within about a month with ease."

Cameron reads a book in the "Storytime" segment of the new season.

It's a good time to be a Cameron's Playhouse fan. In January 2023, Cameron released the new documentary film "Cameron's Playhouse Access All Areas" involving interviews & behind the scenes stories of all the movies from cast & crew, he even colour graded & remastered all of Seasons 1 - 4, which are now available on Bluray and now there is a new Eighth season coming out! The 8th season plans to feature all new episodes, new characters, guests such as Dick Pricksonberg, Mr. Guest, and even a return of the Omm Guys and a final episode bringing back the fan-favourite character Bushman Joe in a new story. 

Live Music on the Eighth Season.

Cameron's Playhouse has been unstoppable for the past 15 years. Although Cameron enjoys it, it's already confirmed the 6th movie is certainly the last film. "The fifth movie was going to be the last film." says Cameron. "But something happened. A Friend of mine passed away last year. We filmed stuff with him before that, and decided to make a new movie and dedicate it to him as he loved working on the show." The sixth movie was recieved very positively by the viewers & fans.  Whether this new season of the show will be the last season? "I don't know, maybe. Or maybe I would do a 9th season when the 20th anniversary comes round? I don't like thinking too far ahead, and don't want be stuck doing this show forever. I just enjoy it while I can."


01. Entertainment Korner
02. Twitter
03. Elitism
04. Tasmania
05. Music Snobbery
06. Mr. Guest's Playhouse
07. Bankstown
08. Pirate Party The Band
09. Omm Guys Special
10. Bushman Joe Returns

Cameron's Playhouse Season 8 releases on Bluray and 4K UHD in April 2023. 


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