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Power Rangers Dino Force Brave King 10: Farewell! Brave Dino Gold - Summary/Review


We are nearing the end of this mini season with only 3 episodes to go. Judging from the title, it does not take a genius to guess what is coming in this episode. So, buckle up, get your tissues ready, click "read more" and let's dive right into this.


Picking up where the last episode left off, we begin with Juyong getting slashed by his brother Juhyeok and passing out. Juhyeok says he did that because Juyong's power was starting to awaken. A zoom in shows that the Gold Dino Ranger no longer has the King Dino mark on his neck and he walks towards the camera with some ominous music. 

They are so phoning this in. Putting "farewell" in the title already ruined any chance of a surprising shock so why bother?

Juhyeok sends a request to NeoDeboss in order to meet up. Deizarus orders everyone to go together because they have already lost too many comrades. Upon arrival, Juhyeok simply states that it was time for them to finish things, now the Gold Dino Ranger is fighting alone against the remaining NeoDeboss Commanders. 

Pretty sure he wants to lose. 

As this is going on, Jeon, Sechang, Lee, and Yun are getting worried about Juyong but Torin tends them to assist Juyeok while he goes to look for Juyong. The 4 of them arrive on the battlefield just as Juhyeok is getting beaten bad and join in despite Juhyeok rejecting their help.

More phoning in. But the look on pink's face is perfect. No one is impressed with he tough guy act.

Meanwhile, Torin finds the unconscious Juyong and wakes him up. Juyong does not feel like Gold Dino's attack was meant to be fatal and comes to the conclusion that Juhyeok wanted to knock him out so he would not join in the fight. However, this does not work because the selfless Juyong rushes off to help his brother despite being attacked. 

Now that is a true Red Ranger. No selfish thoughts when it comes to the mission.

Back at the fight, the Neo Deboss Commanders still hold the upper hand despite Black, Blue, Green, and Pink Dino joining in. To make matters worse, the Commanders discover that the Dino King Mark is no longer on Juhyeok's neck meaning they no longer have a reason to keep him alive. However, the finishing blow meant for Gold Dino gets interrupted by Juyong

That's a smart block, at the handle instead of the blade. But, why didn't he morph along the way? It has already been shown numerous times that Rangers can run and morph at the same time. 

This act exposes the fact that Juyong now has the Dino King Power to NeoDeboss. Juyong tells Juhyeok that no matter what he is going to fight and that he does not need to protect him anymore. These words are what finally allowed Juhyeok to respect his little brother and the two are ready to push forward together. 

That is honestly a super sweet moment. Geki could learn from this young Ranger.

Red and Gold morph up and join the fight. The 6 Rangers do their role call in mid fight and the tide begins to turn in their favor. Raimein and Homuras retreat but Arash makes himself grow because he cannot accept defeat. However, having gained back Giga Bragigas, the Rangers have far power crept this Commander in giant battles.

Brave Gigant Tyranno King

The whole Spirit Base has been turned into a cockpit. A cool story element and a seriously lazy production shortcut.

Brave Gigant Tyranno King shorts a big laser out of its chest that obliterated Arash and the Rangers are victorious.

Back at the Spirit Base, Juhyeok begins a confession. He admits that he tried to keep Juyong out of the fight because he was a "distraction" and is proud of how he grew up. THE END! Wait!? We were faked out!

Why are his eyes so red? Do these actors get no time to sleep? And don't say it is because he is the Red Ranger.

Final Thoughts

Well, I was wrong. Between the title and all the drama I thought this episode was going to end in Gold Dino's death. That only makes me wonder, why was this episode titled Farewell? Maybe it was a translation error.

Ignoring that possible fake-out, this episode was actually a nice ending to the mysterious brute older brother story. Red Dino Ranger really showed his resolve this time and the Gold Ranger learned a little humility. Overall, it was a good episode despite the misleading title. The show is wrapping up with only 2 Commanders left and the bad guys on the run. 4/5

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