Saturday, February 11, 2023

Sonic Origins Plus Might Be Happening, And That's Annoying

Released in June 2022, Sonic Origins was supposed to be the 'ultimate experience' of Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, CD,  3, and Sonic & Knuckles on the Switch. Except it ended up being another dodgy remaster of a Sonic game which was rushed. Despite positive reviews, even ones that took note of said bugs, glitches & problems, and really lame remade music for Sonic 3 that had to be changed due to the worst kept secret of Michael Jackson's involvement with the msuic rights for the game. There were also problems within the menu and glitches of Tails getting stuck from being behind Sonic too much, and Widescreen mode advantages of cheating in certain bosses. SEGA addressed the issues and promised 'several patches', but only made about one or two and then went quiet for a long time. But now according to various sources, Sonic Origins Plus has shown up on a rating site in South Korea. And that's annoying.

"Give us your money" - SEGA

Back when Sonic Origins was first annoucned, it was said there would be no physical edition. Only a digital edition. Not only that but the game was released within separate versions of itself. The base game, excluding the "Anniversary Edition" remasters, was sold at roughly $40. While the "Anniversary Edition" remasters were sold at roughly $20 more. It felt like the game was incomplete from the start, causing red flags. Also, you had to literally pay DLC to add in menus and a really super pointless camera option for the main menu. It was really stupid!

Worse, lots of the track lists on the Jukebox were named incorrectly, especially for games like Knuckles Chaotix that frustratingly, wasn't even included in Origins. The game base menu also was out of order, which featured Sonic 1 > Sonic CD > Sonic 2 > Sonic 3 & K. It's supposed to be Sonic 1 > Sonic 2 > Sonic CD > Sonic 3 & K. 

While the widescreen is nice, the game's many glitches & bugs of an already unfinished state is unforgiveable. 

SEGA were quiet about releasing more patches for the game for about 8 months. The same happened for Sonic Colurs Ultimate, released in 2021, was another rushed port which only had a few patches and then seemingly was abandoned while the game was still broken.

I am not sure why SEGA still continue to release these things in unfinished and rushed states as if they never learn. But sadly the same was said for Sonic Origins. And people wanted it fixed.

But now with the supposed release of Sonic Origins Plus - I assume it will be like Sonic Mania Plus, with a few new characters, maybe bug fixes? Added DLC and Paid Content. So that's where the problem lies.

Paid DLC.

It is normal for most games these days. I don't mind, but for a game such as Sonic Origins that was released and already broken from the start, and the player base having been extremely low, which already costed us $60 to purchase at the beginning, should NOT be needed to pay ANYTHING EXTRA for a patch or DLC Content. The paid DLC Content for this game should be FREE. Considering how broken Origins was. 
Am I the only one who is annoyed at this?

Everyone seems really excited but I think this is wrong.
We shouldn't need to pay extra for DLC that fixes an already broken game.

I'm going back to playing Sonic Mega Collection.


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