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Power Rangers Dino Force Brave King 7: Advent! The Commander of Neo Deboth! - Summary/Review


The evil Gold Ranger arc is over and now Dino Force Gold is in the Theme Song along with the other 5. This short series is already past the halfway mark so click "read more" and let's see where it goes from here.


The episode begins with the leader of Neo Deboss, Deizarus, deciding he will go fight himself this time. Meanwhile, the Rangers at the spirit base are debating on whether or not to continue trying to recruit Juhyeok when Torin informs them of Deizarus' powerful presents. Wasting no time, Deizarus appears before Juhyeok and attacks him in order to try and steal the Dino King Power within him.

That's not a green screen, just a very green building.

The other 5 Rangers arrive on the scene at this time and meet Deizarus for the first time. They quickly surround Deizarus, morph, and the battle begins.

This was kind of funny. The 5 Rangers just move around the main villain and do their morph dance while the latter just stands there motionless until the morph is finished and he smacks the shots, "fire", away from himself. That has to be one of the least threatening main villain meets the Rangers moments I have ever seen. Slightly better than Timeranger though.

As tradition goes, the Rangers are initially no match for the main villain. The 5 of them slash away but Deizarus does not even flinch and easily blows them back with one of his energy blasts. Juhyeok  takes the opportunity to run away and the fight is over. That fight had an abrupt beginning and ending.

Back at the Spirit Base, the Rangers are licking their wounds and Torin tells them they will need Giga Bragigas' power in order to defeat Deizarus. Knowing that Deizarus is after Juhyeok, Lee suggests they go help him but Jeon says it is not their problem while Juyong is still conflicted. Interestingly, it is actually Sechang that makes the initiative to go after Juhyeok.

I legit did not see this coming. Good on them giving spotlight to a Ranger besides Red or Gold.

Sechang intends to capture Juhyeok and hang him over to NeoDeboss because he sees Juyong being torn apart by his conflict with his brother and seeks to end it. Aw, he wants to help his friends. Just when you think a Blue vs Gold duel is about to begin, Tsuraira of NeoDeboss appears and attacks both Rangers. They exchange some words, Juhyeok throws back the money he was paid and Sechang is about to morph when the episode cuts back to the spirit base. That is 2 fight teases in a row.

Torin snaps Juyong out of his confliction with a reminder of what his brother taught him as kids and they all rush off to help Sechang. Jeepers that was fast. I think the pacing of this episode could benefit from some commercial breaks.

Back at the battle field, Sechang is exchanging blows with Tsuraira, but is ultimately knocked to the ground only to be saved by Juhyeok. The other 4 Rangers show up and are a bit confused by what is happening. During the exchange of blows, Sechang causes Tsuraira to drop the gold that was returned to him which Juhyeok picked up and used as an excuse to be in contract with the Rangers. 

Juhyeok says he will help the rangers 5 times now. I have to admit, that was a pretty creative solution to this character conflict.

After some words to wrap up everyone's thought pattern, the 6 Rangers are fighting together at last.

Tsuraira is completely outmatched by the 6 Rangers and their slow motion attacks, but he somehow makes himself into a giant. Yeah, making monsters grow was never really established properly. Time to wrap things up with the traditional giant battle using Beave Raiden Tyranno King. Unfortunately, this fight is completely one sided and ends in 3 moves; Tsuraira's attack fails, he gets hit with a dive-kick, and finished off with a slash move.

This is the closest we come to seeing the two on screen together. Why is that foot so massive?

Tsuraira goes boom causing NeoDeboss to suffer their first major casualty and Juhyeok sneaks in a joke about hidden fees.

Back at the Spirit Base, the Rangers are in high spirits from their win. Torin says it is time for them to go break Giga Bragigas' seal which serves as a hint for the next episode. To Be Continued!

Final Thoughts

This episode was good, but extremely fast paced. I almost feel a winded after watching it. Given that the whole story must be told within 12 episodes 15 minutes each, it makes sense that there would be no filler or B plots. But, this very much felt like a case of the writers realizing they are running out of time and had to hurry up and move things forward. The fact that they talked so casually about freeing Giga Bragigas when that was supposed to be a major obstacle for them is proof of that. However, while the past pace is off putting, the episode was still put together well enough and was a fun ride. Still, it makes me worried that the final arc will be rushed. 3.5/5

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