Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Power Rangers Dino Force Brave King 8: Revival! Giga Bragigas!

We have reached the point where the Rangers have decided to go on the offensive. Last episode ended with the team agreeing it was the right time to try and free Giga Bragigas, their most powerful Zord that was sealed at the beginning of the season for plot convenience by the villains Neo Deboss. Now, they have the Gold Ranger on their side so click "read more" and let's see how this is all handled. 


The episode begins with Juhyeok planning what to do when his Dino King Power is revealed and the rest of the Rangers plotting their offense to rescue Giga Bragigas. Meanwhile, Neo Deboss is also making plans to draw out the Dino King Power from Juhyeok; the power will awaken if they cause him extreme pain without killing him. So much build up in under 2 minutes. It does not take long for the Rangers to find where Giga Bragigas is sealed, but Juhyeok shows up to try and stop them.

At this point, Juyong and the others have had enough and engage in a brief 5 on 1 unmorphed fight. Impressively, it is Jeon who stays behind to keep Juhyeok busy while the other 4 rush to Giga Bragigas. These two Rangers exchange a few words and blows before Raimein of Neo Deboss shows up and they both must turn and face him. At the same time, the other 4 Rangers, they reach Giga Bragigas who is being guarded by the one who sealed him, Jinarik. All 4 morph and get ready to fight.

If defeating this one opponent is all they have to do to free their most powerful weapon, why did the Rangers wait until now?

Back outside, Raimein is winning his fight against Black and Gold Dino. In an attempt to force out the Dino King Power, Raimein traps Juhyeok in a lighting bind. But, after Juhyeok says the same quote that Juyong always says, "no matter what obstacle is in front of me, I'll win as long as I've got my Brave", Jeon jumps in to absorb the lighting damage. 

At this point it is pretty futile for Gold to keep denying he is Red's brother.

At this point, Juhyeok decides to use the Dino King Power and frees Jeon. Raimein retreats, and the two Rangers go off to help the other 4 who are losing the fight with Junarik. With all 6 Rangers fighting together, Junarik is defeated easily and Giga Bragigas is freed.

Okay it wasn't quite that abrupt but it amazes me how quickly the tide turns in these fights once the team is back together. Four Rangers stood no chance but 6 were completely overpowered. I guess Junarik was only ready for 5.

However, Junarik is not dead despite blowing up. He puts himself back together. claims to be immortal, and possesses Giga Bragigas so that it attacks the Rangers. Could he have done that this entire time?

Isn't that what pilots do?

Giga Bragigas is loose and on a rampage so the Rangers rush off to stop it as the episode ends. TO BE CONTINUED! 

Final Thoughts

This episode was good, had strong acting and good fight scenes. However, the whole episode highlighted a fairly big plot whole. Brief history lesson, Giga Bragigas was the Kyoryuger's huge Mecha and was very powerful. So, naturally the writers had to put this one in check early on or else the Rangers would be too strong and the villains would be no threat. But, while having Giga Bragigas sealed by the villains was a decent enough excuse, they never gave a reason why the Rangers did not try to break the seal. Now, we still do not have a reason, the location was not hard to find, nothing was really preventing the Rangers from entering the location besides a stone wall that they easily broke through, and the sealer, Junarik, was decently strong but nothing above the typical weekly challenge. Also, the fact that Junarik could have controlled Giga Bragigas this whole time instead of just sealing it means he probably could have defeated the Rangers long ago.

Heavily flawed in writing but entertaining enough for the kids so this episode gets a pass. Barely. 2.5/5

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