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5 Things From Shenmue 2 That didn't make it Into the Anime

With only so many episodes to the anime, most likely anything deemed non-vital to the plot was cut. Shenmue 2 had a lot of optional events that made sense to cut. So, just for fun, let's countdown 5 of these things, based on nothing more than my observation as a fan.

5. Making Money

A major addition to Shenmue 2 from the previous game is that Ryo no longer gets an allowance or lives for free and at 2 different points in the game he cannot progress without obtaining a specific amount of money. Cutting this resulted in several elements being cut from gambling at the iconic Lucky Hit stands, arm wrestling, dice games, or betting on Dart matches. As well as part-time jobs like running a Lucky Stand or Caring Crates. Which, also meant that Ryo's co-workers Congo and Delin did not make any appearances in the anime.

Never really understood the point of caring crates such a short distance though. 

4. Fangmei's Relationship Building

While Fangmei does play a big part in the anime, she is primarily a supporting character. This is appropriate considering most people who play the game would see her this way. However, there is a secret mechanic where you can build a stronger connection with her simply through talking with her a lot. Eventually, she will start referring to Ryo by his first name which is the sign that you have made enough progress. In addition, there are several secret cutscenes with her and Ryo including taking a picture with her, saving her at a restaurant, buying her a birthday present, and even a goodbye with her where she tells Ryo she loves him. 

Here is an extra cutscene many of you probably never saw.

3. Rod Stunt & Chunyan Xu

There were 3 opponents that Ryo had to defeat in order to gain access to the Yellow Head Building in the game, Rod Stunt, Greg More, and Chunyan Xu. of the 3, only Greg made it into the anime and he lost in 2 moves without even showing Greg's iconic throw move. Most likely, Greg was the one kept because his fight had a scene with Ren that could be used to link it back to the story with him. However, of the 3 of them, Chunyan would have been the most interesting to see adapted. Rod could have had a fun scene too. It is a shame the season length did not permit all 3.

2. Duck Racing

Going in I knew there was no chance the Duck Race as it was nothing more than one massive piece of hidden content. Unlocking it requires collecting a Bonze and Silver Medal which are secrets in of their own. I was amazed that the 2 opponents you have to defeat in order to unlock this even got to make cameo's in the anime. Still, there was no way I could leave this off the list, it is just too interesting. Would have been hilarious to see even a reference to this in the anime but there was no chance given how few episodes they had to work with.

1. Ryo and Shenhua's Long Walk

Near the end of the game, Shenhua meets Ryo after he saves her from drowning and the two end up walking to Bailu Village together for about 2 days where they talk and get to know each other. I expected this to be shortened, but not removed completely. In the anime, SPOILERS after saving Shenhua, Ryo wakes up in her house already in Bailu village. They still talk and connect, but not nearly to the extent of the game. The biggest flaw of the anime is simply not having enough episodes to explore things in as great of detail of the games, even if the narration is improved from the games.

Those are my picks for the top 5 things from Shenmue 2 that did not make it into the anime. Take note, this is not a complaint as I completely understand that some things had to be cut from the anime adaptation for time reasons. I really hope we get a season 2, then I will do the same countdown for Shenmue 3. Until/if that time comes, this is Cendoo the Ghost Ranger, signing off.

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