Thursday, April 21, 2022

Sonic Origins Details & Release Revealed, Questionable DLC Confuses Fans

Sonic Origins was revealed shortly after the leak of the PSN Artwork, that we also shared the other day.  As fast as Sonic could run, details were officially shared by SEGA about the new title shortly afterwards. But this led to some confusion and frustration amongst the fans over the game's planned separate DLC. 

Sonic Origins will be released as a separate 'DLC content' pack for all current consoles. There are several different versions of the game you can get. The 'Standard edition" just features the main game on its own and nothing else. The 'Start Dash Pack' includes '100 bonus coins', 'Mirror Mode' and 'Letterbox Background' which really isn't anything special, especially if you want to play the old games in the new 16:9 format. 'Premium Fun Pack' includes 'Hard Missions', 'Letterbox Backgrounds', 'Character Animations In Menus', 'Camera Controls in the Main Menus', and 'Camera Animations during the Music islands'. The 'Classic Music Pack' contains the original music, for some reason, (guess Sega need to make the royalties back from Michael Jackson somehow?) and finally, the 'Digital Deluxe Pack' comes with it all.

Understandably these packs are causing much confusion amongst the fans. People are frustrated that the main game isn't fully included upon release. It feels like it's just a cover for another rushed anniversary title, as the release of Sonic Origins is June 23 2022.

It was originally meant to be released last year alongside the mysterious Sonic Frontiers, but both games were delayed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

SEGA have been tight lipped about addressing the widespread complaints about the DLC packs publicly. It is frustrating that there are so many different versions of the game, where as it feels like all of it should have just been included in the main game to begin with. It doesn't make any sense. Why would I wan to pay money for an option that just moves a camera around in the menu. We haven't even seen how this works yet. We are yet to see what the character animations are like on the main menu, so how would we know if they are worth buying or not. There is no real point of having the 3 other DLC packs when mostly everything is included in the 'Digital Deluxe' version. 

A new trailer was revealed for the game and shows off some of the unique animated cutscenes that are new for the release. (However this specific writer still prefers the original animated opening to Sonic CD).

There are two new modes for all the Sonic games included in this set. Frustratingly they are both separated. 

'Classic Mode' just features the main games we have gotten over and over again with no improvements. 'Anniversary Mode' is a new version that includes new emulation but no extra lives and game overs. Remastered soundtrack, and 16:9 Widescreen aspect ratio as well as HD remaster.

Sonic Origins releases on all consoles, June 23 2022. 

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